A story about love, friendship, and fame.

There's 5 girls, Maria, Helena, Zana, Signe, and Emilie
And then there's 5 boys, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam
You'll learn their story, and find out about their frienship and love for one another.


2. Chapter 2 (Zana's P.O.V)


.. there’s a freeway, running through the yarn“  I was singing along, my hand moved up the display and turned the volume up, John Mayer’s free falling always put me in such a good mood. “I’m a baaad boy, ‘cause I don’t really miss her,” Harry sang, while tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, when he found out I was staring at him, he turned his head in my direction, and showed me a wide smile. “I’m a baaad boy, for breaking her heart” he put his hand on my knee, and I smiled at him. Today’s weather was perfect, my elbow was resting on the down rolled window, the warm summer breeze and the upcoming sunset was stunning, everything right now was perfect. “And I’m free! Free falling falling.” We sang together, while he turned right. The smell of salt, sound of waves hitting shore and the colder breeze, told me, that we was close to the beach now. “Arm in, babe.” I removed my elbow, and the window rolled up. The little mini cooper was now holding still, and the engine was cut off. “Okay, I’ll take the bags, and you can change your shoes, I don’t think those heels will do well with the sand.” He smiled a caring smile, and bent forward to kiss me, while cupping my one chin. Every time, every damn time, I felt an explosion inside my stomach and a tinkle in my toes.  I hoped I’d never get used to this, ‘cause this was truly wonderful. Just as he was about to pull away, I grabbed his face, so that our lips wouldn’t part, and he didn’t hesitate. Just a little longer. At last I let go, and I couldn’t help but bite my lip, to stop my uprising laughter. His lovely green eyes were full of love, and they were staring right at me, he opened the door, and quickly kissed my forehead before getting out of the car. My hands opened the doors, and they found my shoes, while my thoughts were in a different place. I managed to take of my high heels, which were necessary for the birthday bash, and found my brown leather sandals. A relieved sigh escaped me, heels had never been my thing, but I had learned to walk properly now, after years of training with Maria. Luckily it was a relaxed party, so the summer dress I was wearing, was still appropriate to use at the beach. It was a simple knee long dress, not to colorful. It had little floral patterns, and a nice thin brown belt, around my waist. I pushed the car mirror down, and took a quick glance at myself. My wild curly golden hair, was hanging loose, and since moving to London it had grown several centimeters, and was now down to my waist. I sighed, that hair was uncontrollable. My hands eagerly searched for those rubber bands I had put somewhere in the little cup holder. Finally my hands found them, and stretched them around my wrist.   “Are you ready lovely?” Harry was standing at the door, with my big woven bag, and towels. I got out as graceful as possible, but of course that didn’t go well. I took the towels from his arms, and his free arm went around my waist. “yup, let’s go, oh wait.. Should I bring my cardigan?” I asked doubtful. “Nah, I placed my sweater in the bag, and besides you have me to warm you up, why would you ever need a cardigan.” He had a teasing smirk on, with the still loving green eyes. We started to walk, side by side, our arms around each other’s waist. “You’re such an …” but before I could finish the sentence he interrupted and finished it for me. “I know, amazing.” “well I would have said something else, but sure..”We both laughed, “you’re amazing too.” I said and rested my head on his arm, while walking down the sand hill, and soon we noticed the 8 black silhouettes of our friends, sitting around a little bonfire. 

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