A story about love, friendship, and fame.

There's 5 girls, Maria, Helena, Zana, Signe, and Emilie
And then there's 5 boys, Zayn, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam
You'll learn their story, and find out about their frienship and love for one another.


1. Chapter 1 (Maria's P.O.V)


“Just forget the crowd babe, I know you can do it.”   His calm deep voice helped me relax, and focus on the game. I looked at the score board; 23 – 24 and our turn to serve. I took one deep soothing breath, and my toes dug deeper into the white warm sand one quick glance at my surroundings, and the butterflies and realizations of the expectations returned. The cheering crowd was all overly tanned, but that was mostly because of my sunglasses. Focus on the game; we’re only two on the team, as well as them. It’s impossible to cover every corner, so if I could just hit that corner. I aimed at the target, threw the straight up into the summer air, and took two step, then jumped and hit the ball, hard and perfectly. The next few seconds, the white ball had hit the sand, untouched. The crowd cheered even louder, and then my teammate turned around from his position. My knees got wobbly by the sight of him only wearing bathing shorts. His perfectly tanned skin, glowing because of playing beach volley, and the almost 30°, as if that wasn’t enough. The dark hair was messy in a perfectly sexy way. I could feel the blood gathering at my cheeks, hopefully he wouldn’t notice, the sun and movement should cover that. His face though was the most beautiful, marked chin and cheekbones, his amazing brown eyes were hidden behind those black sunglasses, but I still knew how his eyes were locked on me. He smiled one of his gorgeous smiles, as he reached me. “Amazingly played love, you have really got to teach me that serve.” His arms went around my waist and pulled me closer, while my arms went around his neck. Even though I was wearing a see-through thin cut sleeveless over my bikini top, I could still feel the heat from his chest. Our skin was barely touching, but it still started an explosion right under my skin, and spread to every single corner of me. I looked up and stared at myself, my eyes were bare, no mascara or eyeliner to make my brown eyes pop, but it didn’t look too bad, and he had seen me thousands of times without make-up. My brown hair hanging loose, I had forgotten my hair band at the apartment just before we left. So yes the hair had caused some difficulties, but hey we still won, and right now I didn’t regret it at all, my long brown hair was messy but in a right way. “Aw thanks, you didn’t play to bad yourself.” I said in a teasing voice, while moving my hands up to his face, and remove the sunglasses away from his eyes. Those eyes stared directly into mine, with a hint of smile in them, he looked to happy. Unable to stand it any longer, I stood on my toes and closed the distance between our lips. I quickly backed away again on purpose, to make him suffer a little. Oh god, not that smile, he knew how that smile affected me. He bent his head down, to whisper in my ear, the warm gentle air from his mouth, when he whispered into my ear, made me tickle all over. “You’re not playing fair Bach.” Those three words, have never sounded so sweet, it’s was honestly like a sweet warm liquid running trough me, making my knees all wobbly. Luckily, were his arms still around me, holding me securely. This time he kissed me, without any hesitation, deep and tender. Both lost in the kiss, our friends came running up to us. “Hey you two, get a room please!” The teasing Irish accent, made me smile under the kiss, while Zayn came with a sweet annoyed groan. We pulled slightly away, still standing in front each other, with our arms wrapped around us. “Amazingly played girl,” Louis said, while moving forward for a hug. I slowly pulled away from Zayn’s securing and warm arms, to hug Louis. “And Zayn, you’ve done worse.” He said teasingly. I laughed like the others, of my hilarious friend; Signe had definitely done well with this one. “Thank you Lou, I must say, your cheering from the crowd helped a lot.” I said. “Seriously, you screamed louder than the girls, which says a lot.” Zayn teased back, while walking forward to greet the rest of the bunch. “Well played, well played!” the British hoarse voice came from Liam, he was holding his arm securing around Emilie’s waist. She was wearing dark sunglasses, making it impossible to see her eyes, but I knew from the smile on her lips, that she was just as happy as me. Emilie and I had planned this day together, down to every detail, we were planning on a little bonfire, when the sunset begins. “Oh you did amazing girl!” she said with spread arms, waiting for a hug. “Aw thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” I walked into her arms. She was quite taller than me, well most people were, but she was extremely tall. The long blonde hair was hanging loose, briefly moving because of the warm wind. “wow new outfit?” I said studying her new blue shorts and the cutest sleeveless shirt ever. “I know, she looks beautiful.” Liam said, also spreading his arms, to congratulate me.  “Oh please, you’re such a liar.” Emilie said with a supposedly harsh tone, but it ended up sounding flattered. He pulled away from me, and went to stand next to his girlfriend, wrapping his arm around her waist. The glance between them, were so in love, and I couldn’t help but smile like a complete idiot. Zayn came from behind, and wrapped his arms around my stomach, and his head was bent down to the side of mine, and we just stood there, looking at our beloved friends. Louis and Signe were fooling around as always, Louis was trying hard to catch his girlfriend, but she was running faster, and smoothly from him, but a last she stopped up, facing him. He slowed down, looking down at her face, cupping her face with his hands, and at last he bent down and kissed her. She had medium long hair, colored a hazel brown, bringing out her blue pretty eyes, and her skin was always tanned. A bright flash disturbed my vision, and everyone groaned annoyed. “Oh, I’m sorry guys, but I had to take a picture.” Helena had sneaked up on us all, with her Nikon camera, ever since she got it, she had taken pictures every freaking minute. But luckily it was mostly good pictures, with loads of happy memories. “Come here ma lady!” Niall said with that sweet Irish accent. Helena walked over to him, and stopped a few meters away, and took a snapshot of his face, without that awful blitz this time. Niall smiled widely and showed those cute braces, that made him look so young. He shook his head at her, but the smile was still plastered on his face, he closed the distance between them, and gave a quick but deep kiss, before standing side to side, with their arms around each other’s shoulder and waist. Oh my, so much love this summer; 5 boys and 5 girls, all best friends. We only missed 2 more persons. Zayn had just received a text before the last match began, Harry and his girlfriend Zana, were on their way, they had to skip the volleyball match to attend at Gemma’s birthday party. 

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