Abandoned by Blake

My moms sick
My Fathers gone
My friends have gone
And so has Blake


4. School


I got to school early, I’m not a nerd I don’t like coming early but, I came here to avoid everyone, too bad they all knew my hiding place, the library, I know a typical nerds hiding place but, most people were afraid of the librarian so they never came in here luckily for me I saw a couple of nerds and teachers, glad my so called friends weren’t hanging out here or should I just say ex friends. I went over to the sad stories reading them reminded me, people had worse lives than me, people didn’t have parents at least I had my mom left, even if she was dying, I could prevent that some people can’t stop people they love dying but, I can and I will stop my mom from dying even if it kills me.

I was dreading next class, and on the edge of my seat waiting just waiting for my so called friends to walk in to the library or for the bell to go then I will be forced to walk out in the open and face them face the things say, the notes they pass to me and the looks they give me, what did I ever do to them, Nothing, at all and what do they do to me, turn my world upside down. I couldn’t even describe how upset and angry I was especially with Blake.

I was forced out of my thoughts when the bell went for English class; I had to sit next to Blake in this class because the teacher like most teachers didn’t know what was going on except for Mr Carter our music teacher, he let me sit in his class at lunch, I had told him everything one day and he listened, I didn’t regret telling him and I didn’t like him knowing its just one of those things one of those people who where just there and you didnt care about, one of those people that I couldn’t get to close to.


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