Abandoned by Blake

My moms sick
My Fathers gone
My friends have gone
And so has Blake


3. Flashback

1 and a Half years ago

I got up at half seven like I always do and smelt pancakes, mhmm this is why I love my dad, he makes the best pancakes in the world!! I shot out of bed and grabbed a plate of pancakes and got dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was quite ugly but, Blake and my Parents always said I look pretty, so who cares what anyone else thinks Blake thinks I’m pretty that’s all that matters. I only had my parents and Blake who were important to me, I don’t know why, it just one of those things.

I got in the car dad driving me in his prize possession car, sometimes I think he loves that car more than me and mom but I know that’s not true of course, lost in thought I didn’t know we had got to school. Getting out the car saying goodbye to my dad and hugging him goodbye, I turned to my friends hugging them one by one and then turning to my best friend Blake and giving him the biggest hug I could manage hehe. He made a strangled sound hehe sucker. I jumped off and ran and ran and ran but he caught me like he always did and tickled me while all my friends watched in a shocked manor like they hadn’t seen it before as if hehe. Me and Blake always make scenes around the school but we didn’t care we had each other and that’s all that mattered, if only I knew what would happen, back then I wouldn’t have got so close to him wouldn’t have trusted him, but I did why o why did I trust him, him of all people.



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