Abandoned by Blake

My moms sick
My Fathers gone
My friends have gone
And so has Blake


2. abandonded

I cared about my friends abandoning but what hurt most was my best friend Blake, I trusted him but now I ask myself why did I, why did I have to get close to him. I thought we shared everything or did we was it just a lie was it just me was I gullible did I just think we shared everything while he was feeding me lies or did he tell me the truth? I don’t know. Was our relationship fake? I don’t know. I don’t know anything, but what I hate most is every time someone is nice to me, I assume they want something or they will betray me. This Blake is what you did to me, you made me cut, you made me hate myself why just for her! That girl who you walk around with instead of me, thinking that you have just as much fun as u had with me, why the glum face then?

My mom helped me back on my feet after he abandoned me this why I love her more than life itself, she is the only one I live for when she dies, I want to die. I have dreams, things I want to do with my life yes but, all of them involve my mom, if she dies who’s going to be there to pick me up?


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