Abandoned by Blake

My moms sick
My Fathers gone
My friends have gone
And so has Blake


1. Intro

Do you know what it feels like to be looked at no stared at like you’re a freak?

Like that one person that one friend that you thought you could count on doesn’t care anymore?

That’s what I feel like every day those small things that friends do for you don’t do for me...

I walk to school every day seen as my mom and I don’t have enough money, the only money we do have we spend it on her getting the medication she needs, I don’t mind though she’s got cancer. She needs treatment before the end of the year or she will die, if she dies I will be alone, she’s like my best friend the one I share everything with, the one that replaces Blake.

I’ve been saving up for the last year; this is when I started losing my friends.  Working 2 jobs, school work and friends don’t balance this is why they abandoned me, they abandoned me for that of all thing abandoned me for wanting to save my mom, my mommy, my world, most importantly my new Blake.

I cried every night one by one my friends left, night after night. I would wonder who would go next which one would hurt me the most. I was Acting like didn’t care the day after they left me, truth was, I was drained of tears why me why my mom but most of all why Blake did you abandon me?


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