The Pain

Rosa Kimmings just moved from town. everything was fine until she met her new school. There she was known as the "New girl". Some bullies would try pick on her everyday but it wasn't just at school that they bullied her it was also on the internet.
These bullies had menaced her not to tell anybody. Usually some kids would still go and tell an adult. Not Rosa she was too scared to do anything until....


4. How it all ended


                                                       How it all ended


            This is what Rosa did she told her parents about the bullies at school and she showed them the facebook notes the bullies had written for proof. Once her parents knew everything they wen to the school and told them about the bullies. Of course the school had only one thing to do, and that was expell them. Many people think that if a bully menaces you he will really hurt you, but what these people don't really know is that if you tell an adult or th school they will have to expell these kids and they can't do any more harm to you. What you have to remember is that even if they menace you and everything you always have to get the courage and tell an adult and then you will see no harm can come to you. It's rue it's very difficult to actually get the courage and do something like that but you need to at least try. Trying is better than doing nothing.


                                       The End

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