The Pain

Rosa Kimmings just moved from town. everything was fine until she met her new school. There she was known as the "New girl". Some bullies would try pick on her everyday but it wasn't just at school that they bullied her it was also on the internet.
These bullies had menaced her not to tell anybody. Usually some kids would still go and tell an adult. Not Rosa she was too scared to do anything until....


2. How it all Began



                                                     How it all Began


           This girl I told you about well her name was Rosa Kimmings. Everything was going perfectely well for her, until she met her new school. She had begged her mother not to move but it was too late. She was now going to Goerge washington Academy. This school was a good school the only problem about is that it is known for bullying of course the parents never know about these things neither does the principal know, it was a secret between the students. Like any ordinary student they told thier parents they wanted to move but when thier parents would question why they would not answer. So of course the parents would never agree to move.When Rosa first came to Goerge Washington Academy she didn't know about all the bullying that went on. 

      On her first day of school Rosa came in to the school and of course she was known as the 'New kid."

Before anything happened the three most famous bullies came up to her. They were all girls and their name were Joan, Jane and Jessica. Strange names for bullies. As they came up to her Rosa's heart started thumping, everyone knew what was going to happen next, it had happened to all of them. Poor little Rosa she was the only one who had no idea of what was going on. 

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