The Pain

Rosa Kimmings just moved from town. everything was fine until she met her new school. There she was known as the "New girl". Some bullies would try pick on her everyday but it wasn't just at school that they bullied her it was also on the internet.
These bullies had menaced her not to tell anybody. Usually some kids would still go and tell an adult. Not Rosa she was too scared to do anything until....


5. Epilogue






                   What people really didn't know about these three bullies is that the reason they acted soo mean is because something happened in the past. You see most bullies act this way because something affected their childhood. Joan, Jessica, and Jane acted this way because when they were younger people used to tease them all the time and they then made a promise to never let that happen again and they started bullying other people instead. In real life they weren't that strong they were quiet weak they just pretend to be strong. This is an advice never judge someone before actually knowing them.

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