The Pain

Rosa Kimmings just moved from town. everything was fine until she met her new school. There she was known as the "New girl". Some bullies would try pick on her everyday but it wasn't just at school that they bullied her it was also on the internet.
These bullies had menaced her not to tell anybody. Usually some kids would still go and tell an adult. Not Rosa she was too scared to do anything until....


1. Bullying


         What is bullying? Look around you ask a bunch of people you know. They will give you all sorts of different bullying, but do those people know what answers. Sure they will tell you bullying is when someone menaces you or starts to hurt you, but do they really know what it feels like. Do they know how hard life is with these kind of problems. People teasing you, hurting you, and i don't mean physically. I mean deep, deep deep down inside your body these people really hurt you. They make you feel unwanted in the world. This is a story about a young girl who had to survive through all sorts of problms but she got the courage to do something about it.

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