Don't Dis'Grace

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Grace who tries to escape being bullied about her shape at her current school by starting at an all girls private school. However, her attraction to a certain boy only makes matters worse. Will anyone stop the bullying and more importantly, will Grace ever get her dream guy?


5. You Don't Want Me As Your Enemy!


A few weeks past and no one talked about the fancying thing ever since it happened. At lunchtime Lizzie and I were on our wall again and Olivia Biskenville came down the ally way and stood in front of us. Lizzie and I didn't dare talk to her.

She said loudly, "Which one of you loosers is Grace?"

I said, "That would be me. Why?"

Olivia came up to me and crouched down so that we were eye level with each other.

"Listen up fatso, stay away from Charlie. He is mine. Go and fancy someone else 'cause the Charlie love train has already left the station!"

"How did you know that I fancied...." I started.

Emma. It must be Emma. She is the only one apart from Lizzie who knew and is 'friends' with Olivia. I knew I couldn't trust her. How could she? How could she?

"Don't question me, love. I could make your life hell by just saying things."

"Oh yeah? What kind of things?" I questioned. Lizzie looked shocked that I had dare question her majesty Olivia Biskenville. Well, I was fed up with Olivia thinking that she was the best and that everyone should deal with it. Who does she think she is?

"How dare you question me!" Olivia screamed. She looked like she wanted to kill me.

"Still, you asked a decent question, therefore I will give you a decent answer. I will make your life hell by saying things like, oh I don't know, that you are an animal beater or, maybe a mass murderer and then no one will ever talk to you or make contact with you ever again. People will believe whatever I say, Grace. Don't forget that." Olivia looked behind her and then looked back at me.

"You don't want to be my enemy, Grace. If you did become my enemy then, well, your life wouldn't be worth living." 

"Well, I'm sorry to make you so upset. Again," I said. I thought that if I apologised then she might not be so hard on me. Bad move.

Olivia came back down to eye level with me and shouted in my ear. Again.

"Sorry ain't good enough!" and she punched me in the face.

Pain surged through my face. Blood trickled down my chin and dripped onto my lap. I heard Lizzie gasp and Olivia sniggering.

"See ya later cow face. Oh, and, if you dare tell anyone that it was me who punched you then..." She looked at me and grinned, "I think you know what will happen."

Olivia walked back down the ally way and onto the top playground.

"Oh Grace, your face. Hey, wait, that rhymes!" Lizzie cried.

I looked at her.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry. Are you ok? Well, of course you aren't Ok. Someone has just punched you in the face!" Lizzie put her arm around me and tried to lift me up.

"Whaf are you doung?" I asked her.


"I thaid, whaf are you doung?"

"Whaf are you doung? Oh, what are you doing, I see. I am taking you to the nurse because someone has just punched you in the face!"

"No! You muthent! Don't! No!" I screamed, trying to get out of Lizzie's grip. For a small girl, god she was strong.

"You are coming to the nurse whether you like it or not. Stop acting like a little 5 year-old not wanting to go to the dentist! Come on!" Lizzie replied.

She dragged me through the ally way and across the top playground. Everyone was staring, pointing and whispering about us. I hate this school. Well, I don't hate the school as such. I hate the people in the school. Two people in the school. I think you know who those two people are. Emma Shanks and Olivia Biskenville. They are such demons.

When we got to the nurse, she said, "My goodness gracious! What ever happened to you my dear child?"

I wanted to reply that I had just ran into the side of a wall or into a lamppost or something, but before I could say my excuses, Lizzie replied, "Olivia Biskenville punched her in the face."

I looked at Lizzie and she looked back at me and smiled, trying to be comforting. Then, her smile dropped from her face and she had realized what she had done. Tears dripped from my cheek to the floor. I kept remembering what Olivia had said to me.

"You don't want me as your enemy, Grace."

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