Don't Dis'Grace

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Grace who tries to escape being bullied about her shape at her current school by starting at an all girls private school. However, her attraction to a certain boy only makes matters worse. Will anyone stop the bullying and more importantly, will Grace ever get her dream guy?


3. Olivia Biskenville-My Story

Dear Diary,

You'll never guess what happened today at school! Some new kid actually came and talked to me! I was so happy that someone at school had talked to me! I was so happy, though, that I was scared aswell. What did she want from me? I told her, "Get lost, fatso. Do you know who I am? I am the most popular girl in this hell hole and no one sad like you can talk to me, got it?"

She looked so scared. She looked like what I was feeling. Scared. I don't know why everyone is scared of me at school. It's not my fault if I loose my temper or call people names. I don't mean to. Really, I don't. I just can't seem to stop myself. I try and be friendly but I only come out with more hurtful things than I had before. Oh, what am I to do? Shall I tell someone? No. Of course I shouldn't tell someone. I can't tell someone what is going on in my house. It isn't my home. It's just my house. Nothing more than a four-walled brick building.

What would I say to somebody, anyway? I couldn't just say, "My parents fight all the time and use violence, alcohol and drugs to try and solve things but it only makes things worse. They will punch, kick and scratch each other. If things get really bad, then they will start to hit me and my sister. She is only 5."

Tears are running down my cheek now. I need to hit something. I need to hurt something. I know. I will punch that new girl. That should get my anger out. I will call her names and hurt her friend, Lizzie. That will make her sorry! Sorry for what, though? She hasn't done anything wrong. She has. No she hasn't. Oh! What shall I do? Someone tell me what to do! Please! What have I done to deserve this? What have I done? Someone please give me a sign. A hint. Anything! Don't make me live the rest of my life afraid of what my parents are going to do next.

Uh!? I think that was the door slam. Mum must be home. Uh oh! Shouting is coming from downstairs. There is some screaming. China is being shattered. 

Knock knock. Someone is at my door. It's opening..... 

It's only Kizzy, my little sister.

"It's starting again. They are going to start fighting again. We will get hurt, Olivia. What will we do?" Kizzy looked up at me with her bright blue eyes. I beckoned her over to me and gave her a hug. 

"It'll be alright, Kizzy. If your really worried then lets go to the bathroom. There's a lock on the door in there and we will be safe."

We are creeping across the landing. There is so much shouting going on. I pushed Kizzy forward, into the bathroom. I locked the door behind us and we both sat in the empty bath. Kizzy was right. It was all happening again.....

I will try and write again tomorrow. If I can.

Love Olivia Xxxx

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