Don't Dis'Grace

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Grace who tries to escape being bullied about her shape at her current school by starting at an all girls private school. However, her attraction to a certain boy only makes matters worse. Will anyone stop the bullying and more importantly, will Grace ever get her dream guy?


2. Olivia Biskenville

When I got off the bus, I was faced with a huge dark building with ivy all across the front walls. A sign hung from a wooden post reading 'Victoria's school for girls'.

Everyone was outside on the grass sunbathing. They were all whispering and looking at me. If this goes wrong, it will be all my Dad's fault. He wanted me to come here. A new school is the last thing I need, especially after Mum died. Still, I might find some new friends here. Ha! Fat chance! Like anyone would want to be friends with a looser like me. However, Charlie said he liked me. Well, he said he liked my name but it's still a start. Mmmmmmm...... Charlie. Dreamy Charlie with his dreamy smile and his sexy fringe.

I opened the black iron gates and walked towards a girl with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes who was standing by herself.

"Um, excuse me? I was hoping if you could tell me where the reception is?" I asked looking at her.

She stared right back at me and said, "Get lost fatso, do you know who I am? I am the most popular girl in this hell hole and no one sad like you can talk to me, got it?"

I started, "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to......."

"I said, HAVE.....YOU.......GOT......IT???" She yelled in my ear.

Everyone was staring at us now.

"Yes," I said, "Very sorry to disturb you." I started to walk past her and then started running.

I had no idea where I was going, I just needed to get away. Away from her. Gosh she was scary. Very pretty but scary. I turned a corner and ran right into a girl who looked about the same age as me.

"Oh, I am very sorry. I didn't mean to....." I started. Great. Deja vu! 

The girl threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. I was so shocked that I couldn't do anything. I just stood there with this random girl hugging me.

"You talked to her! I can't believe you actually talked to her! Weren't you scared? Who cares! The whole school is talking about you. In a good way though! That was so cool! Amazing! Simply amazing" she said.

"I didn't mean to get her all upset. I just wanted to know where the reception was," I replied looking at her. She had bright red hair and small brown eyes.

"My name is Lizzie, what's yours?

Will people stop asking what my name is? I will only say something stupid like....

"I like bananas!"

What the hell is wrong with you Grace?

"You're a  bit strange, aren't you?" Lizzie said, turning her head to one side and looking me up and down.

"I am not strange, I am just different,"I replied, a bit hurt.

"So, er, what is your name?"

"My name is Grace," I replied.

"I love the name Grace. I had a dog called Grace. She died."

Wonderful. I have ran into two people in the same 10 minutes and now I have the same name as as a dead dog. Lovely to feel welcome!

"So, what is the name of the girl I talked to?" I asked Lizzie.

"You don't know?"

If I did then I wouldn't be asking, would I?

I shook my head.

Lizzie replied, "She is called Olivia Biskenville."

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