Don't Dis'Grace

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Grace who tries to escape being bullied about her shape at her current school by starting at an all girls private school. However, her attraction to a certain boy only makes matters worse. Will anyone stop the bullying and more importantly, will Grace ever get her dream guy?


4. Don't Tell Anyone! (Back to Grace!)

Weeks past and I seemed to fit in quite well. My and my new bestie Lizzie hung round together everyday, all day. We were in all the lessons together and all in all I was having a good life. New school. New friends. New dreams. Yeah. I could get used to this. 

Now, Lizzie and I weren't the kind of friends who told each other secrets, but one lunch time, we were sitting on our wall outside the library when one of Olivia Biskenville's 'friends' came round the corner and smiled at us. Lizzie and I looked at each other, shocked. Why was she smiling at us? She never smiled at anyone. I think her name was Emma Shanks, but I didn't know for certain. 'Emma' started to walk up to us. You could tell Lizzie was getting a bit tense and uncomfortable.

"Alright?" Emma asked, looking Lizzie up and down, then me, then swishing her hair around.

"The name's Emma. Emma Shanks."

I knew it!

"So loosers, er, I mean buds, this is how it is. Me and you guys are gonna' play a game called dares, right? We have to tell each other who we fancy and then not tell anyone, got it?"

She looked at us and then smiled again. This was creeping me out.

Lizzie replied  "Um. No offence Emma but we, er, don't really trust you. You might go and tell Olivia and then we might get our heads smashed in the wall. No thanks. We don't want to."

"Oh go on! It will be funny! Like I'm gonna' tell anyone! I don't even like Olivia. She is such a mean toad!"

I looked at Lizzie and she nodded.

"Ok." Lizzie replied, "It will be fun. But you mustn't,"

"Tell anyone, I know, I know! Now then who first? Banksey not me!" Emma shouted.

"Banksey not me!" I cried.

"Looks like it's you then Liz. Go on then. Who is it?" Emma asked, looking at Lizzie.

I looked at her to. We never talked about this kind of thing. It must be hard for her.

Lizzie went bright red and then mumbled something that I couldn't quite understand.

"Speak up!" yelled Emma.

Lizzie looked really uncertain now. She opened her mouth to say something....but then she closed it again.

"You look like a bloomin' fish when you do that! Come on! We don't have all day!" Emma giggled. You could tell she was getting a bit annoyed though.

"Ok ok! It''s....... Ross Everett."

We both stared at her. Ross Everett was a boy in our class. He had ginger hair and hazel eyes. It has to be said. He was the geek in our class. He always got his answers right and 100% in all his tests. He didn't have any friends though. Sad.

"Ross Everett?? ROSS EVERETT??? HA! I mean, yeah, he's cool,"spluttered Emma, going red with laughing so much.

"Oh, shut up! Your just jealous because you don't know how fabulous he is!" screamed Lizzie. She looked like she was going to cry.

"Yeah, OK. Sure. Whatever! I didn't mean to get you all upset. Calm down! I was just having a laugh!" said Emma, putting her arm around Lizzie.

Lizzie wiped a tear from her eye and said to Emma, "Come on then, who do you fancy?"

"I don't fancy anyone."

Lizzie looked at me with her mouth wide open.

" got us to tell you who we fancy so you can tell everyone!" Lizzie looked so upset. I knew this was a bad idea.

"God. Let me finish! I don't fancy anyone because I already have a boyfriend. He is called Shaun and he is so hot it is untrue! He has jet black hair with one blue eye and one green eye! Hmmmmm......." Emma said, looking off into the sky in dream world.

"So," Emma said, turning back to me, "Who do you fancy?"

I thought about Charlie and what he had said to me and how sexy he looked. Mmmmm. Dreamy Charlie. I can't tell them. I won't tell them. They can't force it out of me. However, Lizzie did say who she fancied, which was VERY brave of her. So I guess I have to say who I fancy. The only thing is I don't trust this Emma one bit. She could quite easily tell everyone who I fancy. Still, I did say that I would and Lizzie would never talk to me again if I didn't.

"God woman! Take your time!" Emma sighed.

Lizzie mumbled, "Yeah Grace, come on."

"Ok. I don't know what his last name is but is first name is Charlie," I said.

Emma looked at me shocked. Then she smiled. Creepy!

"Does he have dark brown hair, almost black, with deep blue eyes like the ocean and white teeth like a celebrity?" Emma asked.

"Er, yeah. Do you know him?" I replied.

She smiled. "Yeah. He is Charlie Carter and he is the boyfriend of....never mind."

Then she got up, picked up her bag and started walking away from us.

"Nice talking to ya' buds! S'laters!" and she walked out the ally to the front yard.

I yelled after her, "Hey Emma!"

She turned around. "Yeah?"

"Don't tell anyone!"

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