Don't Dis'Grace

The story is about a 14 year old girl called Grace who tries to escape being bullied about her shape at her current school by starting at an all girls private school. However, her attraction to a certain boy only makes matters worse. Will anyone stop the bullying and more importantly, will Grace ever get her dream guy?


1. "Victoria's School For Girls Please!"

Here goes. This is my big moment. My time to shine. My......ow ow ow!

The train lurched and I've nearly knocked myself out on the window. I am bound to have a huge lump there now. Wonderful. I can start college with an extra head.

I am so excited though that I really couldn't care less, even if the hottest guy on the planet is staring at me from across the carriage. Oh my god! The hottest guy on the planet is staring at me from across the carriage! I bet he thinks I am a complete looser He has the coolest hair I have ever seen. Dark brown, almost black, with a super sexy fringe across his forehead. I think his eyes are a dark, mysterious blue, like the ocean. Wow. Wow wow wow wow! He is just so georgy porgey and scrummy yumboes and...... he smiled at me! The hottest guy on the planet just smiled at me. His teeth were so white. He must be a celebrity or something. I smiled back. He turned back and looked out the window and chuckled to himself. I knew it! He thought I was a complete looser. A geek. He was laughing to himself, probably thinking "She thinks she's got a chance. You just have to look at her glasses and her hair. Yuck! Brown, straggly and lifeless hair. Disgusting green eyes and her figure, well....."

Oh just stop it Grace, I thought. You will make yourself cry in front of the hottest guy on the planet and then you will just die of embarrassment!

The train stopped at Birkley station and I grabbed my bag and attempted to haul my heavy suitcase off the metal rack above my head. For goodness sake. Why did I always pack so much stuff? I grabbed the strap of my suitcase, yanked it hard and the bloody thing ripped off. Everything went in slow motion. I knew what was going to happen now. I would smack my head on the table behind me and that would be the end of it. My life. Finished. Goodbye world. I love you mum. I......

Something that felt strong and muscley caught me and I looked up to see the face of.......the hottest guy on the planet! He had caught me!

"You.....saved!" I whispered.

He looked down at me and smiled. His dreamy smile. 

"Hi" he said. His voice was so sexy, just like his fringe. "I saw you looking at me."


He probably thinks I'm some kind of stalker.

"My name is Charlie, what's yours?"

Charlie. Wow. What a cool name. A cool name for a super sexy cool guy. Speak Grace! Say something normal. Something normal like.....

"I like your socks." What?! Why the hell did I say that? Great. Now he will never EVER want to be seen with me, let alone go out with me!

"Um.....OK. is your name?" Charlie looked down at me puzzled.

"Grace," I managed to say. "My name is Grace."

Charlie smiled. 

"Grace," he said, "What a lovely name."

He pulled me up and passed me my bag and suitcase.

"Here, try not to kill yourself with these again. I might not be there to catch you next time!" He chuckled. God he is so scrummy!

"Well," he said, "See you later Grace!" And he walked to his seat, picked up his things, smiled his dreamy smile at me and went out of the door onto the station. I picked up my things and followed him. 

When I was out of the station I hopped on a bus and said to the driver

"Victoria's school for girls please!" 

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