Cold and lone

This story is about a boy who is 12 and is a social loner. He suffers for long but finally escapes the loneliness and succeeds in both career and marriage. Must read if you are one of the social loners or being bullied or even if you wanna know what it feels like.


2. Turning point of my life

The girl of my destiny was very pretty. She had blonde hair flickering on her plump and round cheeks as she walked. She had pure and pretty eyes filled with affection. As I saw her walk past me I wanted to know more about this girl. So class started and the teacher introduced the new girl to the class. From the teacher's introduction I found out that her name was Cisty. The teacher decided to put Cisty in the sit that was right next to me. We were chosen as partners for the whole school year. So far nothing changed. Every break I was still being bullied. I still hid in the corners like a mouse hiding from a deadly cat. I went into the corners to hide and coincidentally I ran into Cisty at the usual corner I hid in.

So I asked her.

" Why are you hiding here?"

Then she asked back to me.

" Then what are you doing here?"

So I told her about how I was bullied by my classmates throughout the last school year and how my teachers criticised and swore at me. I also told her the worst part which was about my family. Then she burst into tears. Thinking oddly I asked her.

" Why you crying?"

Then she started telling a bit more about herself. Apparently she also came from Liverpool until she was 8 and then moved to Birmingham and studied in 5 schools but every school she decided to drop out. Then I asked why she dropped out and her answer was...

" I was bullied by every school I went to."

Then she carried on. After staying in Birmingham until when she was 11 then she moved to London and was in another school for a year and transferred to this school. After she had finished her story I found that both of us had a lot in common. She and I was bullied and left as a social loner. We both didn't have any friends to rely on. We were the same age and from the same city. That break felt like the longest break I've had but it was the first break that I enjoyed. Fortunately Cisty felt the same. We both entered class at the same time. During lunch We both sat at a empty table. The table was the one that I usually sat on alone last year when I had no friends. This year I had a friend. A friend that I could find similarities, a friend that I could rely on and a friend I could tell my secrets to.

When we had the last session of the day accidentally Cisty and I fell asleep and unfortunately no one woke us up until I woke up and found only myself and Cisty lying down on a table quietly asleep. As I reeled the curtains up to see what was happening I was shocked. Outside it was pitch black with only the moonlight shining down on us. 2 hours later Cisty woke up and she was shocked that it was night and the classroom doors were locked from the outside. We had no choice but to stay in the classroom and depend on each other. Cisty had wanted to know more about me.

So I told her more about me. I told her that my name is Ronan, I'm 12 and I'm the only child of my family. Then she asked me more about my family. I didn't really want to tell her but she was stubborn to hear it. So I let her. I told her that every day I would be tossed into my room and be locked in for the night. I told her about my father as well. How he was a drunk gambler and the way he treated my mother and me. After all that I told you before when I started my diary Cisty looked pretty shocked. She couldn't believe that I wasn't getting any love or affection for a long time. Then it was my turn to know more about her family. She told me that her mother was a very kind woman until a tragedy landed on her family. Her one and only brother had died. Her mother, who had a lot of affection for her brother, could not regain her mental status and turned mental. She eventually had a crash accident and was sent to hospital and never came back. Her father was a very generous and he worked as a car engineer but when Cisty's mother had died of the crash accident he resigned from his job and started drinking heavily every day. Eventually he became like my father and Cisty had to evacuate to her uncle's house and that's where she lives now. As we gave information about each other night passed and the sun rose.

When school started the next day we were all ready for class. Now school was changing for me. It wasn't a place full of bullies and being a loner. It changed to being a social starting point for me. I was paying attention to the lessons I thought was boring. Naturally my grades went up. I escaped from average and joined the high class with the score of 9.8/10. My mother was very proud and started to turn back to the generous mother I knew before father started gambling. However my father was still the same. But I had my mother on my side now and a few friends including Cisty. By the time we had winter break my grades were on top condition. I was getting a 10/10 for every subject and assignments and Cisty was right behind with 9.5/10 for every subject. Cisty and my education has risen by a dramatic amount after we met each other. We weren't social loners anymore we had followers where ever we went. We started taking school seriously and slowly my family was finding peace.

Then at the end of this school year Cisty told me that she had to leave for the US for a medical exam. I was very upset to let her go. Cisty and I have developed a relationship further than friends but lower than in love probably half way. But she promised to return to London.

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