Cold and lone

This story is about a boy who is 12 and is a social loner. He suffers for long but finally escapes the loneliness and succeeds in both career and marriage. Must read if you are one of the social loners or being bullied or even if you wanna know what it feels like.


3. Miraculous reunion and love

So 30 years have passed since I've met Cisty and let go of my social loner status. By now I was very intelligent, polite and embarrassing to say but I was handsome. My career was a professor in Cambridge University teaching about social psychology. It was a degree about how to live in society. I have had experience and I was talented at teaching. I was famous between the students they liked me and I liked them. Then I heard a news. It was about the current neurology professor being substituted for  a new professor who graduated from US. She had long, thin and dark blonde hair. I had only heard this news a day after she had come in and substituted the professor. The first time I actually saw her was at the meeting of the professors.

We had a meeting every Thursdays and Fridays each week. We discussed about our curriculum and the student's attitude towards teaching. Their social lives and any problems that may grow big. The new professor was tall and pretty. She had introduced herself before the meeting but did not reveal her name and any other information. What she had revealed was that she qualified from the US and was a neurosurgeon. One time the new neurosurgeon had performed a surgery on a patient with brain tumor and that patient was fully healed but with decreased social skills. Surprised at the result she called me to have a private meeting.

We met at the cafe opposite to Cambridge. She had told me the basic details of the patient having had a brain tumor removal surgery has now had a social breakdown. We decided to watch the patient first then decide. The neurosurgeon and I met every Wednesdays to discuss about the patient. After a few months we really knew what was wrong with the patient but also we really got to know about each other. She revealed another piece of important information. She said she was from Liverpool then I told her that's where I came from as well. Then having remembered something she asked me if I had some spare time. I answered in a positive manner. Then she said she would tell me a story about her childhood.

She started out by saying when she was 8 she had left Liverpool for Birmingham and when she was 11 she moved to London. Then in London she met this boy who was a social loner in his school and he had no friends to rely on. Even his teachers criticised and swore at the boy and his parents had also abandoned him.

My face started turning pale as she kept going with the story. At a certain point she asked if I was fine. I told her that I was fine and she should carry on with the story. So what she said was that this boy after meeting her had friends and his mother to protect him. His grades went up and most importantly she still remembered my name... Ronan."

I felt happy but my face was pale from shock. When she had finished she asked me if I was fine. I asked her one question which was

" What was the name of the boy again?"

Then she replied

" Ronan"

" May I ask you what your name is?"

" My name? Cisty."

That was the answer I had wanted. I knew she had to be Cisty if she knew me this well. I ran towards her and hugged her as tight as I could. First she looked surprised but then she asked me.

" Why are you doing this?"

I answered in a exciting tone.

" Cisty! It's been such a long time! It's me Ronan!"

She didn't believe me at first and asked me for evidence. I told her everything I knew about her including when the both of us was locked in the classroom. Then she looked very jolly and hugged me tight.

" It really is you Ronan! I missed you so much!"

" Me too!"

After our miraculous reunion we started to hang around together as we did in our childhoods going to cafes at lunch breaks going for picnics in the weekends. Then we slowly developed a special relationship this time I would say it was love.

She was still as pretty as she was when she was 12. I thought time had made her more prettier. She was like a rose out of all the other flowers on the field. She was a swan out of the herd of crows. After meeting a few months we decided to marry each other.

So I give this story to all the social loners out there. You can do it. It'll be a hard job ripening the fruit but once it ripes it'll be sweet.  

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