Danté - An Assassin's Story

"For too long we have put up with the oppressive rule of the White Cross. Too long we have let them take our money. It's time to fight back, and I'm ready. And should I fail, may whoever reads this take up the fight once again. One day, the White Cross will fall."
This is the diary of Danté. A young man in a semi-fantasy world who has taken it upon himself to fight back against his dictators, the White Cross, and become an assassin.


6. Renegade - Day 6

It was quiet today.

I went out again, and headed for the tavern. As I walked, I noticed that there weren't many of the poor people around. Almost everyone was wearing white. By the time I'd reached the tavern, I'd only seen two or three poor folk.

I approached the tavern, and a soldier of the White Cross, wearing the normal silver armour with a white cross bolted on the chest, stepped out in front of me.

"Were you here two nights ago?" he asked, his voice rough.

I shook my head. "No, you brute. Why? What's happened?"

He looked at me, acknowledging my dislike of the White Cross, probably, and then frowned. "The Head of Police was killed her two nights ago. You don't know anything about it, do you?"

"No," I replied. "And if I did, I wouldn't tell you." I scoffed, and walked away, smiling.

He hadn't noticed me stab him with the thin, poison-tipped blade. He'd be dead soon.

And so would Agostino Leone.

When I say it was a quiet day, I only mean the morning.

This afternoon, I killed Agostino.

He was easy to find, standing outside his warehouse on the other side of the city.

It was getting to him that was the problem. He was surrounded by soldiers of the White Cross, who prevented me from throwing a knife into his neck.

But they were easy targets.

I held one of the knives in my hand, and aimed at the closest of the guards. I threw, and it flew into his neck, throwing him to the ground. I threw two more knives, taking out two more guards.

Three more knives, three more guards. But now I was out of knives, and there were still five guards left. And Agostino was running.

I jumped off the roof and landed firmly on my feet. I drew the sword as I walked towards them, and met blades with one of them. I parried his strike, and delivered a punch to his face, and then had to dodge another sword as it came towards my neck.

It hit that of the first soldier instead, and I plunged my sword into the second's chest. The third guard had a speak, which he tried to plunge into my side. Instead, it fell into my hand, and I pulled it away, causing it to hit the fourth guard in the chest.

The third picked up the sword of one of his deceased comrades, but was two slow, and my blade bit into his neck. The last turned to run, but I had already picked up the spear again, and I sent it flying into his back.

I hastened to collect my throwing knives, and then set off after Agostino.

Fortunately he was a large man, and I caught up with him quick.

I tripped him, and then thrust my sword through his chest.

He is the second of my victims. No, not victims. Contracts.

I am now truly an assassin, no longer a renegade.

Yet my mission has only just begun...

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