Danté - An Assassin's Story

"For too long we have put up with the oppressive rule of the White Cross. Too long we have let them take our money. It's time to fight back, and I'm ready. And should I fail, may whoever reads this take up the fight once again. One day, the White Cross will fall."
This is the diary of Danté. A young man in a semi-fantasy world who has taken it upon himself to fight back against his dictators, the White Cross, and become an assassin.


3. Renegade - Day 3

Today was interesting. And not in a good way.

It would seem the White Cross has increased the patrols in this area of the city, making our exploits more difficult. Pedro almost got caught again, Richard broke his hand in a fight, and Patrick tried to climb over buildings.

He's okay, but he did have a bit of a fall.

My sister came back unannounced, too, saying she had important things to tell me that involved our father, but that she would tell me tomorrow.

I didn't do much, personally. I practiced my free-running in the courtyard near my house, and started crafting a few weapons. I guess being rich, and having a sophisticated mind helps. And having an inventor as a best friend. Leonardo is his name. Good guy. Paints some good pictures too.

Also hates the White Cross, which is good.

So far we've managed to make a few mechanism to hold knives out of view, and then release them into out hand.

Easy to draw, but not to sheathe, unfortunately. We'll work on it, but we've given a couple of prototypes to the fastest in the gang.

I got a stone thrown at me in the street by one of the men I attacked yesterday, too. Hit my top lip, and I think I'm going to have a scar there now. Strange thing is, I now feel like growing a beard.

Tomorrow we will make the first kill. And by we, and mean me.

And I have just the target.

The Head of Police, Marco de Fracosi...

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