Danté - An Assassin's Story

"For too long we have put up with the oppressive rule of the White Cross. Too long we have let them take our money. It's time to fight back, and I'm ready. And should I fail, may whoever reads this take up the fight once again. One day, the White Cross will fall."
This is the diary of Danté. A young man in a semi-fantasy world who has taken it upon himself to fight back against his dictators, the White Cross, and become an assassin.


8. Assassin - Day 8 and 9

Over the past two days, I've been busy.

The morning of the first, Leonardo burst into my room and shouted, "Danté! The blade works!"

"Quieten down, Leonardo!" I had cried. "We don't want the whole district knowing who the Cloaked Shadow is!"

Yes, I've gained a name amongst the poor people. Heard it after filling in my "Day 7" page. I think it works. Sounds scary anyway.

Anyway, after Leonardo's rude entrance, I had got out of bed and, after asking him to wait in the workshop, dressed into my assassin clothes.

I went down to the workshop and saw Leonardo standing within, a massive smile on his face. "Think of how easy it will be to kill now. I'm working on a second one, and I've reinforced the bracer, so you can use that to block attacks."

I smiled at him and took the blade, and putting it on, said, "I'm going to get some practice."

Leonardo was confused when I said that, so I had to explain it a little. "I'm going to kill the White Cross patrols."

I had headed out that morning, and killed off large numbers of them. It was amazing how many soldiers were under the command of the White Cross. Saddening, too.

I didn't return to the house, but I did send Pedro to tell the household I would be away for a while.

You see, I had found evidence of a White Cross weapons cache in the sewers of the city.

Now, I'm not really one for the sewers, but if the White Cross has more weapons hidden beneath the city, I'm going to go down there and get rid of them.

I walked through the city until I found an entrance, and when I found it, I made sure no one was looking, and then went down.

It stunk down there, and I decided that I would definitely be washing after this excursion. But until then, I had a cache to clear.

I knew the rough location, and a rough layout of the sewers, so I set off at a jog. After a couple of hours I found the cache, and what could only be called an army.

The White Cross seemed to be preparing for a war. That, or a massacre of the poor.

I knew how they worked.

I watched them throughout the day, noticing how the guard shifts changed. There was a point, around midday, when the guards practically abandoned the weapons crates.

I must have dropped off, because when I woke up there was a soldier of the White Cross standing over me.

"Oh," I gasped. Before he could shout and plunged my spring-loaded blade into his neck.

Unfortunately, he hit the ground quite hard, and the soldiers below looked my way.

Some of them must have seen me, because they started running to my location, shouting.

I cursed and raced down one of the nearby staircases, pushing soldiers off the staircase as I went. Unfortunately, I couldn't get through them all, and I had to start knocking away attacks.

I thrust their blades back into themselves and tripped them with their own spears. Three times I took a sword from one man's grasp and thrust it into another's neck.

I slipped the blade down my wrist and set to cutting my way through them, dodging attacks and parrying blows.

I gradually moved towards the weapon crates, and when I reached them, I kicked them into what I knew to be deep, dirty water.

The crates vanished, and I set to throwing the soldiers into the water, aware that many probably couldn't swim. Especially not in the armour they wore.

It must have taken an hour, maybe two to kill them all.

When I finally left the sewers, another two hours later, it was midday of the second day.

I made my way back to the house, killing two or three patrols along the way, and taking multiple routes to cover my tracks.

When I got home, my sister immediately exclaimed, "Eugh! Wash your clothes and yourself!"

So that's what I did.

Now, I'm sure if I'd taken the time to investigate the cache, I could have learnt some of the White Cross's plans. But I hadn't investigated. I'm sure this will come back to bite me, but until then, I will continue the revolution.

And as far as I know, it's going well.

And the White Cross still don't know who the Cloaked Shadow is.

And until the revolution is complete, they never will...

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