Danté - An Assassin's Story

"For too long we have put up with the oppressive rule of the White Cross. Too long we have let them take our money. It's time to fight back, and I'm ready. And should I fail, may whoever reads this take up the fight once again. One day, the White Cross will fall."
This is the diary of Danté. A young man in a semi-fantasy world who has taken it upon himself to fight back against his dictators, the White Cross, and become an assassin.


7. Assassin - Day 7

Today I killed again.

No one overly important. He was a shop owner who was aiding the White Cross voluntarily.

If we're going to destroy the White Cross, we need to destroy their little helpers. So we're working towards that goal as well as the complete annihilation of our dictators.

I had simply walked into the shop and cut his throat, walking out again before anyone knew what had happened.

And Leonardo's still working on the spring-loaded blade, and has made a small amount of progress.

Currently, I'm worrying about my position. I'm the only rich person in my district, and if the White Cross notices the craftsmanship of my weapons, somehow, I may be in deep trouble.

But for now I'm safe. The White Cross are blaming the poor folk, and few have been arrested. I guess my boys have been doing some good work out there.

Speaking of them, Pedro has crippled himself. He was running away from the White Cross, and took to the roofs. He lost the soldiers, and started heading to my house.

Unfortunately, he fell off the roof, breaking both legs.

It was only by luck that Leonardo found him whilst running an errand. He should live, but he won't be walking for a while.

Shame. Pedro is quite good at what he does. Causing trouble, that is.

Other than these few things, nothing much has happened. As usual.

The city has been quiet since the White Cross took over. People either hide away or have to face the soldiers of he White Cross in the streets and explain their business.

It's not so bad here. Because almost everyone is poor, and unpredictable, there aren't many soldiers.

And those that are here don't last long.

It was so quiet today, I found time to do some painting.

I think it turned out quite well. You can almost tell it's my sister, Maria. Brown hair, green eyes, and a face that is very pretty.

The men of the city say "beautiful", but she's my sister. I don't see her the same way as them.

She hasn't left the house recently, complaining about them. Even asked me to beat up a few.

Maybe tomorrow. For now, I'm going to join Leonardo in the workshop. See if he needs any help.

I may be rich, but I'll never abandon the poor.

I know there's a chance, no matter how slim, I'll end up being one of them.

Until then, I fight for them.

And the fight must go on...

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