Danté - An Assassin's Story

"For too long we have put up with the oppressive rule of the White Cross. Too long we have let them take our money. It's time to fight back, and I'm ready. And should I fail, may whoever reads this take up the fight once again. One day, the White Cross will fall."
This is the diary of Danté. A young man in a semi-fantasy world who has taken it upon himself to fight back against his dictators, the White Cross, and become an assassin.


10. Assassin - Day 11

It was an interesting day today.

I decided to go into the richer area of the city and steal from a shop that supplied food to the White Cross. So the idea was to steal the food and find a way to distribute it amongst the poor.

Of course, things don't always go to plan. Fortunately, the result was better.

So the Cloaked Shadow enters the market square, and receives mixed greetings.

Cheers from some, crossbow bolts from others.

I was lucky not to be hit, but I think I need to invest in some armour.

Anyway, I took to the roofs once again, and dispatched a couple of guards, before jumping down into a pile of hay.

And I stayed their for a while, waiting for the guards to leave the area, suspecting me of heading for the Citadel.

And they left after an hour.

I was free to make my move.

I found the shop and smashed down the door.

There were three guards there, though they didn't last long. A few throwing knives was all it took.

I found a few sacks and filled them with food. Meats, fruits, vegetables. Even some spices.

I even made sure to loot some money to spread amongst the poorer folk.

I whistled, and Pedro pulled up outside, driving a horse-drawn cart.

"Hurry up, CS!" he yelled, knowing not to say my name.

He had a handkerchief over his face, though whether this would hide his identity, I wasn't sure.

Nonetheless, I continued the plan, and threw the sacks onto the cart.

"Go!" I shouted, having noticed guards returning to the market square.

I jumped onto the back, three throwing knives ready to be thrown.

I didn't need to use them in the end.

Upon return to my house, I told Pedro to give the food to the food-sellers of this district, and tell them to sell it cheap.

I also gave him the money, and told him to give it to them so they didn't feel cheated.

So, how did things go better than expected?

Turns out some of the other guys in my gang took more food, and this had gone on until the shop was emptied.

It would seem that the poor district is going to be cheering us on for some time.

And now, maybe, they see I don't work alone.

We're like a Brotherhood.

A Brotherhood of Shadows.

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