Till it get's better.

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1. Till it get’s better.

To the one I love and share my best part of myself with.

You live in darkness.

To scared to break free.

To scared of the world.

I meet you from the outside of your cage.

I tried to make you free.

Free to run with me.

But you refuse with reasons I don’t understand

Even now.

Oh can’t you see I did it all for you.

Because one tings is true.

I can simply not stop loving you.

You called me worse than stupid.

But for me it was like getting hit by cupid (I don’t mean in a too much loving way, for in reality it felt like being hit by a truck. But I still liked it and love you for it)

You think I lie because I rarely smile.

Oh how I truly love you.

Give me your hand in the summer.

We will be free.

Yet, only for a matter of days.

But we will taste freedom.

And that, before I ever let us taste defeat.

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