A Kite For Lucky

Its a short story about a dog Lucky and his life. It might look like children's story, but Lucky's story is heart touching and most probably inspiring for people of all ages.


1. It All Happens In One Single Chapter...

A Kite For Lucky

          Lucy had a thing for kites. She chased kites falling from the sky. She thought they were gifts for her from god. Six year old Lucy had already collected a room full of kites. She ran after any kite she’d see falling down after being cut by another one, and she was quick enough to catch most of them.

           One fine Sunday afternoon, Lucy was playing in a park when suddenly; she saw a beautiful red kite falling down from the sky. This must be a special one, to cover up for my birthday, thought Lucy excitedly. She knew she had to catch this one. So she ran after it, with all the energy she had in herself. The kite landed across the street. Lucy was desperate to catch it, so she crossed the small street, almost getting hit by a bicycler. When she reached the kite, she picked it up and noticed something that had been lying underneath it. A cute little puppy! Lucy dropped the kite and picked the puppy up in her little hands and softly cooed to it. But the puppy didn’t respond. It wasn’t in a condition to. It was very sick and could hardly keep its eyes open.

          Lucy’s parents soon found her, and were just about to scold her for running across the street all alone, when Lucy showed them the treasure she had found. “Oh, such a poor little thing!” exclaimed her mother. “I think it’s very sick. I don’t approve of you carrying it in your hands Lucy. You might get sick too,” said her father. “Then let’s take it to the doctor,” was all Lucy said, and she held on to the puppy without any hesitation.

          Lucy got her way with her parents, and soon enough the little puppy was lying on the table of a veterinarian, getting injected with heavy doses of medicine. The puppy was very close to death, and thus the vet said that there wasn’t much they could do so they’d have to wait out the consequences. But Lucy was determined to save the puppy, and so she asked her mother to take her to the town church. Lucy sat in the pew, her hands tightly pressed together in prayer. Her mother insisted on taking her home, but she refused and prayed till very late in the night. At around midnight, her father called and told her that the puppy was alive and well. There were no bounds to Lucy’s happiness. She danced around in joy and thanked god for his mercy. Her mother drove her home and her father brought the puppy to her.

          When she had the sleeping puppy in her lap, her mother said to her, “Lucy dear, you have truly made a miracle happen today. I didn’t believe that the puppy would survive, but you made it happen through your prayers. What would you like to name this lucky little thing?” An idea snapped in Lucy’s head. “Lucky,” she answered, “I’ll name this puppy Lucky, because he was lucky to have survived. It’s my own name with a ‘k’ added, a ‘k’ for the kite that lead me to him.”

          And so the puppy started living with Lucy. The years flew by, but Lucy’s obsession with kites never left her. She used to go to the park and chase kites every day and Lucky was always there with her, running by her side. Lucy took care of Lucky, and loved him like no other pet lover ever could. Soon enough, Lucy’s 11th birthday came up, and Lucky was very excited when Lucy began taking out the decorations for her party. Every year, this day, Lucy invited her friends and they brought all kinds of treats for Lucky. But this year, there was something different coming up. Lucky tried to make sense of it when Lucy began packing up her decorations in a bag instead of hanging them around her house. Hearing Lucky whining, Lucy said to him, “I know this must be new to you Lucky. After all, it’ll be the first time I’ve ever left you alone! I’ll be far away at Granny’s and you’ll be here. I feel so bad about this, but there is nothing I can do. Granny is allergic to dogs so she hates them. I’ll miss you so much, even if it’s just two days.” And then she hugged Lucky, and he understood that this was a parting hug, and that she was going somewhere far.

          Everything was arranged. Lucy was going to go to her granny’s house with her parents, and they’d leave Lucky at their neighbor’s house. Lucky wasn’t very fond of that idea, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Before she left, Lucy said to Lucky, “I’ll always love you and watch out for you, even when I’m far away, I promise.” Then she put Lucky in his cage, which had been shifted to their neighbor Jason’s house. Lucky watched as Lucy got in the car and her parents drove away. He couldn’t understand why Lucy had left him, but he knew she would come back for him, and so he waited.

          Two days passed away, and Lucky was eager to see Lucy. Jason had been taking good care of him, but he missed Lucy really very much. But night fell on the third day, and there was still no sign of Lucy. Jason called up her granny’s house, and she said that they’d left in the morning. Jason tried calling Lucy’s parents, but they didn’t receive his calls. The next day, Jessica, Lucy’s family lawyer came to meet Jason. “They had an accident. Their car crashed. No one survived.” said Jessica and looking at Lucky she added, “Not even Lucy.” Lucky didn’t understand her words, but he suddenly realized that something bad had happened. Jason and Jessica began discussing Lucy’s father’s will. In case of any misshapen, all their property was to be taken care of by Mrs. Dubose, Lucy’s granny and their only closest relative. “And their will includes their dog as well, right?” Jason asked.

           “I’m afraid not. Their will was made before they got the dog. As they left you to take care of him before they died, and also because Mrs. Dubose is allergic to dogs, I think it’ll be fair enough if you take care of it from now on.”

          “But I’m too busy. I’d taken a break from work because I was a little sick, so I’d agreed to take care of Lucky. And it was for two days, not his whole life!”

          “Well if it is so, you can turn him in to the pound.”

          “I can’t do that. I know I can’t take proper care of Lucky, but Lucy loved him so much she’d never forgive me if I did such a thing.”

          “Well then you’ll have to take care of him. I have to leave. The funeral will be held at Mrs. Dubose’s house tomorrow. Do come. And bring the dog. He deserves that much, at least.” said Jessica, and she left. The next day, Jason dressed in black, and took Lucky to his car. Lucky was happy; he knew they were going to Lucy. They drove to her granny’s house, and there were a few people gathered there. Lucky started running inside the house, but Jason pulled his leash and dragged him to the backyard. There he tied Lucky to a light pole and went inside. Lucky waited all day; he knew Lucy was close. But she didn’t come. Finally, Jason came back and took him to a closed coffin. What is this? Why isn’t Lucy here? These were questions running through Lucky’s mind. After a moment, Jason took him back to the car and drove back home.  

          Days began passing, flying by swiftly, and Lucky’s hope soon began to fade. Jason put Lucky inside his cage all day long, and took him out only for toilet breaks, and meals. Jason had no time to play with Lucky, or to take him on a walk. Lucky was very lonely and he missed Lucy very much. He didn’t have much of an appetite, and so he became thin and weak. Every night he howled and called for Lucy. But she never came.

          About seven months had passed after Lucy’s death. One Sunday afternoon, Lucky had been left out for his toilet break and Jason had gone in to answer a phone call. Lucky was roaming around the garden, looking up at the sky, when suddenly he saw a bright red kite. It was a loose kite, and it was falling down swiftly. In an instant, Lucky realized that Lucy would be there where the kite lands. He had grown very familiar with Lucy’s obsession of kites. He knew Lucy always chased falling kites, and so he broke into a run after the kite. He jumped over walls and ran through people’s backyards. He had become a pro at chasing kites as he’d done it many times with Lucy. He was pretty fast and soon enough he reached a park, just as the kite landed at the foot of a girl sitting on a bench. Lucky ran faster as the girl bent down to pick up the kite. He thought he’d found his Lucy, and so he was very excited and he yelped in joy. But as he neared the girl, she raised her head to look at him and he saw that she was not Lucy. She smiled at him, and looked at the kite and said “Lucky.” Lucky tilted his head and wondered how she’d know his name. Actually, the kite had the word ‘Lucky’ written on it, and the girl had read that. The confused look on Lucky’s face was very adorable, and the girl gave him a treat and said, “Hi there. I’m Martha. I think you’re lost.” Martha looked for a collar, but Lucky had already lost his some days ago. “I see you don’t have an owner,” she continued, “Well that’s all right. I’ve always wanted a dog. Why don’t you come with me? And I think I’ll name you…um…how about Lucky? This kite here has it written on it.”

           It was as if a miracle had occurred that day. The kite that Lucky had followed seemed to have fallen right out of Lucy’s hands from heaven. She seemed to have sent that kite as a blessing; a gift to Lucky. Lucy had made a promise to Lucky that she will take care of him, no matter how far she was. It seemed as if she had kept her promise. She had led Lucky to Martha, so that he received as much love as he did from Lucy. But Lucky didn’t understand what was happening.  

          Martha got up and began walking away, asking Lucky to follow her. But Lucky was deep in confusion. Who is this girl? Why does she want me to come with her? Should I follow? Where is Lucy? These questions were rolling through Lucky’s mind. He didn’t move, and Martha waited. She’s not Lucy but will she love me like Lucy did? Lucky kept wondering. He needed some clue that Martha could take the place of Lucy. Then suddenly, miraculously yet again, another kite tumbled down from the clouds of heaven. Martha saw it. Lucky watched her face. Martha’s eyes widened, her smile grew wider with excitement and her expression resembled the expression Lucy wore whenever she got a new kite chasing adventure. She called Lucky to follow her and broke into a run after the falling kite.

          In this special moment, all of Lucky’s questions were answered. He knew Lucy was somewhere watching him, and that she loved him very much. He understood that Lucy had sent Martha for him; that she would love him as much as Lucy did. And so, he broke into a run after Martha, leaving all his sorrow and despair behind, chasing a new adventure and running not to a happy ending, but to a brand new beginning. 

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