The Love Story <3

this iis my love story <3


2. when we started liking eachother <3

It was like anyday and he was on facebook so  i started chatting too him,

he is so sweet and he is hot,

but i dont like him because of his looks ,

i like him for who he is,

he has an amazing smile,

he has an amazing personality,

he is just amazing ,

the way he treats is unbelieve able , 

he makes me feel like the only girl in the world,

i do youtube videos of me singing , 

and he just compliments me about it,

he watchs them when the new ones are on ,

he is just so amazing ,

then one day he just said can i tell you somthing and i said yeah ,

and he just said that he has started fancying me ,

i didnt really like him at that point , 

but now me and him have got closer i feel like he is my boyfriend already 

but his not <3

then me and him were on cam with our mates ,

and i knew i liked him so i told my mates then i told him , 

and then the boy outta our mates goes , 

... do u like amy and he said yh and smiled ,

then he asked me amy do u like...  and i said and he smiled,

all of his mates that i know , 

say all he does is talk about me ,

and all i do is think about him <3

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