The Love Story <3

this iis my love story <3


3. now <3

now all he does is be sweet ,

me and him can say love you 2 eachother ,

he always makes me smile,

even tho his not my boyfriend at the moment,

i would love him too ,

but its like i have never met him , 

but i was crying cause i cant get him outta my mind,

i dream about him everyday is unbelieveable ,

i cant go a minuet with out thinking about him , thats how amazing he is,

he is like my true love , 

my soul mate , i really love him,

i was looking threw youtube videos and there was this vid,

about a couple that lived 2000 miles away from eachother,

and they have never met , but then they finally meet ,

and he walks up too her and he cant acc let go on him 

she started crying ,

and i hope now that if me and him do go out,

that we will last a long time,

we always think about eachother,

and we both dream about each other,

we have the cutest dreams of being together,

just walking holding hands then it rains and we go his 

and he has his arm round me and we both fall asleep ,

and then i had one that ,

we were at our mates and just sat on the sofa ,

with my legs over him and my hands round his kneck ,

and his arms round my waist , just kissing ,

i can wait just too be in his arms , 

i am in love ,

love at first sight is true <3

people say im too young too fall inlove,

but i know that he is the one,

and i hope he reads this and understands that he is more 

too me than anyone else <

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