The Love Story <3

this iis my love story <3


1. how we met <3

i had a boyfriend that lives 600 miles away from me , 

so me knowing him got me close too all of his friends that live by him,

i am really close with these people , first of all there was 2 people i was close with ,

now there is about 20, 

this boy added me cause i was mates with his mate,

me and him just started talking and we got close 

and now i feel like his my soul mate , 

i can talk too him about anything& everything,

and he can talk too me about everything and anything,

we always talk non-stop and go on cam when ever we can,

and its fun cause me and him and our mates all have a joke around ,

its so funny and its great that im close mates with all these people ,

cause they are actually amazing ,

they are like my second family <3

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