Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


4. What was the vision?

As Krantar arrived back in his room in Starpha he had wondered.

' If Tihantus was not the eagle then who is?'

' What was the vision I had?'

A lot of thoughts went through his mind. His mind was very perplexed. Krantar could not gain an answer from just suffering to think himself and so he set off to the shrine of his ancestors. The shrine of ancestors were filled with gold just like the time when Starpha had control of everything around them. Now Starpha is in danger.

" Oh great ancestors from history of Starpha! Lend me your wisdom! May Starpha continue its legacy!"

Krantar knew that he would gain the answer by asking his wise ancestors. That night Krantar had another vision. This time it was not a golden eagle but a black one and instead of a dragon it was a rusting golden statue. The black eagle was shattering the golden statue into pieces. Krantar was shocked and had woken up.

' What was that vision about now? No it can't be... I swear on the name of my ancestors that I shall protect this empire!'

Krantar began to train more legionnaires and cavalry for the preparation of another assault on the Darko empire.

" No longer can the Darko empire exist in the age we live today!"

With just a few month Krantar was again ready to set on another conquest of the Darko empire. But Darko empire had received a scout message already reporting that Starpha forces have been preparing and the Darko empire have already sealed the paths. Krantar,  not having known this, was marching along the forest when rangers started to pop up from trees and in a split second Krantar was separated away from the rest of his forces. Taken back Krantar took out his battle axe and hacked his way out of the enemy and regrouped his army.

" Do not fear! We will overcome this crisis and obliterate the Darko empire!"

With one speech of Krantar his army's moral rose and soon Krantar managed to force a way out. After escaping the Darko force's first wave not long after they were ambushed again by Bataro's army which just seemed to be patrolling the area and coincidentally Bataro spotted Krantar.

" Krantar! Stop there right at this instant!"

" Bataro! Finally I get to take revenge of Tihantus!"

" Do you think you can?"

" We'll see..."

Krantar and Bataro charged at each other and clashed their weapons against each other. Sparks were flying everywhere, all was silent as they watched the duel of Krantar and Bataro. As the duel consumed more and more time it seemed like it was not going to end. Then suddenly... 

Blood splattered all over like a sprinkler spraying water on grass. All went dim in Bataro's sight. Bataro had suffered a huge scar on his stomach. He could see nothing but blood. Krantar dismounted his horse and walked towards Bataro. Without hesitation Krantar slashed Bataro's neck and he fell to the ground.

" They have lost their general! This is the chance! Attack!"

Krantar ordered his army to charge at the enemy with a powerful shout.

" Charge!!!"

Krantar's legionnaires and cavalry simply crushed them under their feet. Krantar marched deeper into enemy land. Although every path was sealed the infantry of each wave just wasn't able to halt Krantar and his invulnerable army. Finally Krantar arrived at the town of Sumut. Sumut was the second largest city of the Darko empire and having control of this city would mean to have control of the trades, food transportation to each region of the empire and most importantly the wealth of empire depended on this city. Practically this city was the heart of the empire and the city that should have the most security. Krantar glanced at the gate that stood high between him and the city then turned to his army.

" Tonight we shall take that gate down! On you go my forces!"


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