Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


5. The vision was...

The legionnaires charged at the gate of Sumut. However the defenders were not ones to give in easily. Krantar's army was shot down one by one by the flying arrows that sliced the air.

" Do not lose morale! Keep charging and we will shatter their skulls!"

Krantar directed his army that seemed to be losing morale from the front. No matter how stubborn the legionnaires bashed at the gate the defenders kept them away from a range where they could massacre the most of them at a effective pace. At one point of the battle the defenders had shot thousands of arrows into the sky and demolished the formation of Krantar's cavalries. He had no choice but to retreat for now.

" Retreat! We shall be back the next day..."

However when Krantar set his camp for a night rest he had no idea that the camp consisted of 3 scouts from the Darko empire.

He only knew when 10 of his camps were burned down and when he had suffered 300 casualties. But the time was late. He was dazzled and had no choice but to leave Sumut and return to Starpha. 

Back in Starpha, There were signs of confusion by the ministers in why the army was losing every battle and there also was signs of treason. Of course Krantar had no idea of treason. When Krantar had marched in through the gates of Starpha the streets were empty. Rubbish was flying everywhere. The finances of the empire was horrible due to the continued battles. This was a problem that would take long to fix but had to be. So as Krantar sat on the throne that had been empty for a long time a lot of bad news poured down on Krantar. One after one, the first was the crisis of the finances in the empire, the second one was the trust of the officials after losing several battles and the worst was to prepare for a treason that Krantar did not know about.

Krantar entered his palace once called ' The awe striking golden pantheon.' It looked nothing like it did for the last 500 years, the gold was all ripped to maintain their economy stable and all that was left was rusted metal paint on the walls on where the gold was to be. The throne room had changed drastically as well. The golden decorations were taken down and the eagle that stood firm behind the throne was just another grey statue.

" What happened here?"

" Lord Krantar. We had to sell the gold to keep above the economy line."

" Do you know what all this gold meant!"

" No Lord Krantar. Not at all."

" It was the souls, courage and the spirit of our ancestors! How could you just sell it like a piece of trash!"

" I didn't sell it."

" Then who did?!"

" Anthar did."

" Anthar?"

Anthar was the leader of the treason that was about to be launched. He had been in the officials for the longest and was the wealthiest and powerful second in the empire. Anthar had a grudge on Krantar. Anthar wasn't originally born in Starpha, he was born in the small town of Losda. Losda was one of the first towns that was first conquered by Starpha and when Losda was conquered Anthar was brought up to Krantar's uncle, who had been the 48th emperor in throne back then. Krantar's uncle, having seen potential in Anthar, released him and put him under his wings as the new prime minister. Having become the prime minister Anthar had everything under his demand. Anthar had the most power and fame in the empire. But things changed after Krantar's uncle had died and Krantar came on throne. Krantar replaced all the former officials to the ones that had followed Krantar. This included Anthar resigning from prime minister and relegating to the ministry of strategies. Furious at Krantar's decision he held a meeting with all the former replaced ministers and generals. They had decided to take Krantar off the throne when they got the chance. This treason had been planned for a long period of time and was about to start any now or then.

" I order you to summon Anthar!"

" Yes Lord Krantar!"

A few moments later Anthar was summoned up to Krantar and left alone for Krantar to ask him.

" Were you the one who sold the gold?"

" I beg your pardon Lord Krantar?"

" Did you sell the golds! I'm asking you if you sold the golds!"

" Yes Lord Krantar. That was the only option out of this financial crisis and build a foundation to stand back up. We can always collect gold again."

" Do you know what those golds meant to me and the empire!?"

" No not at all Lord Krantar."

" They were the souls, courage and the spirits of my ancestors! Selling a national treasure just for a temporary crisis without the emperor's permission is treason itself! You should be ashamed of yourself! Leave now!"

That night, the more Anthar thought about it the more his hatred for Krantar deepened.

' Treason? I'll show you a true treason...'

On the other hand, the more Krantar thought about it the more he felt guilt to his conscience. He had sworn to his uncle to keep Anthar in a high position but now Anthar had been relegated to the ministry of strategies and how his uncle had treated Anthar was very much different to what Anthar was being treated right now. When his uncle was in throne Anthar was the mastermind behind the empire but now he had no power and fame.

Krantar walked across the once known as the 'golden hallway.' It was now just a rusty and dusty walls on both sides carrying on to the shrine of his ancestors. The streets of Starpha was empty. Starpha was turning into a ghost town. The shrine of his ancestors looked very different. The golden walls were torn down and contributed to the financial crisis. The figures of the golden eagles had broken down. The portraits of his ancestors were filthy and covered with debris.

" How did our empire turn out like this?"

Suddenly he heard a voice from the back. A voice which sounded so friendly and calm. It was the voice of his father, the 47th emperor.

" Father?"

" Yes my son I am here."

" Father... but you..."

Krantar was so awed that he could not finish.

" Yes I was dead. Well see your surroundings my son then only will you know where you are."

Krantar looked around and saw all the souls of his ancestors. He saw his uncle in a scene of capturing Losda. 

" This can't be..."

" It is another vision we have created and you were dragged here."

" Then all this is a vision?"

" Yes Krantar all is nothing but a mere vision."

" Why am I having these visions recently? Why!"

" It is the significance of the wreck in the empire."

" Wreck?"

" The downfall of Starpha is near."

" No it can't be..."

" You are the last emperor of Starpha my son."

" But my first vision was..."

" A golden eagle soaring through golden clouds then hunting a dragon."

" Yes. I know that the golden eagle is us but what was the dragon?"

" The dragon was the Draka empire."

" That's the one that..."

" Yes the one I conquered. Your next vision was a black eagle shattering a rusted golden statue."

" Yes and I knew straight away what it was."

" Yes it is the Darko empire crushing our empire.Tthis is the last vision you need to solve the rest. Starting now"

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