Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


6. The ruins

The vision was a black eagle, or the Darko empire shattering a rusted golden statue which related to the state of the Starpha empire now then the new thing was that the rusted golden statue blasted and a lion came out from the inside. When the vision ended Krantar knew what was the future of the empire but was not sure if he could change it.

' To solve this vision I'll need to know who the lion that came bursting out is. Bursting from the inside means that the person is inside the empire. Then the only one could be Anthar!"

In the language that the people from Losda used Anthar meant a fierce lion. So Krantar knew that he would have to stop the Darko empire by force and Anthar by accusing him of treason.

Coincidentally Anthar had a vision as well. In his vision he saw himself surrounded in darkness and far away he could see a glimpse of light. When he walked to the light he saw Krantar burning in lava. Then he woke up.

' Tomorrow is the day Krantar dies!'

It was late past wee hour but Anthar held another meeting with the officials.

" Today is the day that we must take our treason into act!"

" What proof do you have that says we'll succeed today Anthar?"

" I had a vision."

Then Anthar described his visions to the rest of the officials. They looked very persuaded.

" Then we shall Anthar. But do you have a specific plan?"

" Yes I do. We'll form an alliance with the Darko empire then the Darko can attack from outside the gate and we'll just open the gate for them to enter."

" Sounds good, but who will be the messenger?"

Everyone agreed on Anthar to be the messenger. Anthar, with a tight role to accomplish, set for the Darko camp.

" I would like to meet the Darko commander."

" What is your name?"

" Anthar."

" Anthar?"

" Alright wait a bit."

After a few minutes the soldier came back out from the tent.

" He wishes to meet you."

" Thank you very much."

Anthar politely greeted the Darko commander.

" So what is it that you need to talk to me at this time?"

" How would you feel about creating an alliance?"

" With the Starpha? Not a chance!"

" No not with the Starpha. An alliance with me how about?"

" What is the difference?"

" I am planning a treason to take Krantar down."

" How can I trust you?" " When you charge to the gates I'll be in the castle and open the gates for you to enter."

" If this plan fails what will you do?"

" Then I will gladly lend my neck."'

" We'll make it a deal Anthar."

" Thank you."

Anthar returned to Starpha and told his comrades about the plan. Now all they had left is to deploy some troops nearby the gate so that it can be opened quick. They deployed 50 troops disguised as legionnaires. At twelve hundred they could hear the Darko forces charging. Immediately the 50 disguised legionnaires opened the gate and the Darko forces swarmed in like a swarm of bees that found honey. Krantar heard the news and ran to confront the Darko army.

" Finally Krantar! I get to kill you myself!

" Never will you kill me!"

Krantar sliced the general's head in a single blow. But he was outnumbered and the weaponry was taken by Anthar. From the north there were 50,000 Darko soldiers and the south was filled with 20,000 of Anthar's army and on the east and the west were high stone walls.

Krantar now knew what Anthar had in mind for all these years. But it was too late to regret. He had to fix this

" For my ancestors I'll fight till the end!"

Krantar roared as he charged into the heart of the allied forces. Despite having been shot with 5 arrows and scars all over his body Krantar refused to kneel. By dusk Krantar was captured alive all tied up and beaten.

Anthar walked up to Krantar and spat at his face.

" How do you feel now Krantar! This is what I felt since you've taken the throne! Curse you!"

" Anthar... How much shame must you feel to be in your right state of mind? Making an alliance with the enemy? What kind of fool would do that?"

" Darko is an enemy for you but for me he is the one who allowed me to have a sweet revenge on my nemesis... That's you Krantar!"

" Me...? Your nemesis? Nonsense! What have I done so bad that I have to be treated like this!"

" I had power when your uncle was in reign but when you replaced him you relegated me down to the ministry of strategies and not only that but you stopped my income. My family starved and eventually died out. This is all your fault Krantar! You caused doom Now you shall face doom!"

" Oh father... Your predictions were correct... This is the end of Starpha..."

Anthar grabbed the sharpest blade there was and chopped Krantar's head. As Krantar's head dropped to the floor Anthar thought of when he had once had the power in Starpha. Tears rolled down his face.

The 500 year legacy has come to an end. After the death of Krantar Starpha was burnt down and due to guilt Anthar had committed suicide. 

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