Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


2. The prelude of positive and negatives

So with Tihantus by his side Krantar and the starpha empire looked fairly stabilised. Until they had been reported with a devastating report from the borderlines

" Lord Krantar! One of our soldiers have brought us devastating news!"

" What may that be?"

" Judging from this report, Our borderlines have been conquered and our soldiers are fleeing!"

" What! Our borderlines have broken down!"

" It turns out to be that the Darko empire finally has crumbled our defense systems and have entered the town of Reich!"

" Then we should be sending reinforcements to Reich! Tihantus, this is your first quest. Go to Reich and back the Darko away."

" Yes! Lord Krantar!"

Tihantus left with his legionnaires to Reich. But in Reich the Darko commander Bataro has caused havoc and left Reich in ruins. By the time Tihantus arrived at Reich it was all burnt down into grey ashes. Furious by the sight Tihantus decided to charge into Bataro's camp. Tihantus and his well trained legionnaires soon shattered the enemy defense and charged deep into the camp. Taken back Bataro quickly formed his army to defend Tihantus but the time was too late. Tihantus had already demolished the weaponry with the weapons in there. Left armless Bataro had no choice but to retreat. Tihantus did not allow him to retreat so easily and took his sharp blade and pursued Bataro all the way to the core of the enemy frontline then came back to Krantar.

" How did it go Tihantus?"

" Reich is in ruins but so is their base. I have demolished their weaponry and turned their frontline into a mess."

" Then we shall regroup our troops and back them even further."

" We shall, Lord Krantar."

Tihantus answered in a low and deep voice then left the room. Krantar ordered for the legionnaires and the cavalries to assemble at the front of the barracks by the break of dawn tomorrow including Tihantus. By dawn Krantar, Tihantus, legionnaires and the cavalries were ready for the ambush. Sneakily they passed the forest. Behind the enemy lines they arrived. Then they fooled the enemy and headed for the Darko empire. Without knowing what was going on behind their frontline the Darko empire constantly launched a siege at Reich. It was when the gates of Reich broke down that they had known Krantar and his armies have snuck around them. Bataro had no choice other than to retreat back to the Darko empire and pursue Krantar.

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