Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


3. The first conflict between the eagle and the dragon

Bataro and his army madly pursued on their horseback as swift as possible but did not seem to be able to catch any sight of Krantar nor his army. Meanwhile Krantar had conquered 5 towns of the Darko empire without shedding a single speck of blood. Due to this Bataro had more difficulties in chasing Krantar down because he had men in guard towers waiting for Bataro to arrive. However during his conquest Krantar was halted by the town of Mesdam.

" Tihantus. What do you suggest we do to take down Mesdam?

" I'm not sure Lord Krantar. By any chance have you planned a strategy that can bring the town of Mesdam to kneel?"

" No I haven't got a strategy at all for this. We must hurry. We shall try one more conflict the next day."

So when the sun rised Krantar took his army for a full conflict. But what Krantar had not taken into calculation was how far Bataro was and if he was pursuing through the whole night. And yes Bataro was chasing Krantar and was now only 5km away from Krantar and when Bataro arrived Krantar would be surrounded from both sides and probably die. About half an hour later Krantar heard horse hoofs hitting against the ground. Bataro had arrived. Krantar was panicked and regretted not having thought that he would be surrounded.

" Lord Krantar! We are surrounded!"

" Yes I know soldier. But there is not a need to worry. Tihantus!"

" Yes Lord Krantar?

" Break open the enemy surroundings and open up a path!"

" Yes Lord Krantar!"

Tihantus started to hack, slash and bash with his blade to attempt building a escape route for Krantar but no matter how much he hacked more kept on coming. Eventually Krantar and his army was fatigued and Bataro finally offered a duel to Tihantus. Tihantus agreed and in a blink of an eye Tihantus and Bataro was slashing at each other like the vision that Krantar had before assigning Tihantus to the commandant of the legionnaires. But then... Bataro had swung his sword. Tihantus could not dodge. Tihantus's chest was scarred. He fell to the ground bleeding. Krantar seemed to be in a state of shock. Who he had believed to be the Messiah of the Starpha empire was now slain down to the ground by Bataro.

" Tihantus!"

Krantar roared like a wolf which had lost it's family.

" Lord Krantar! We must retreat now! Our moral is falling due to Tihantus's fall!"

" We will retreat... but I will be back to destroy you..."

Krantar spoke with no strength in his voice.

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