Golden legacy

The empire of starpha is in danger after 500 years of it's golden legacy. Can Krantar, the heir to the throne of starpha carry on the golden legacy of his ancestors?


1. The commence of the crisis

The starpha empire is now in crisis after their 500 years of golden legacy. The Darko empire has invaded. The year 560AD Krantar must step up to the throne  to save the 500 years legacy of his ancestors.

"Lord Krantar!"

A voice rang from the golden hallway all the way to the throne room where Krantar heard the guards stopping the owner of the voice Krantar had heard. Krantar immediately ordered the guards to make way for the man. The man was in bright and golden armour armed with a sharp blade.

" Lord Krantar! I politely request to speak to you immediately!"

" So what is it that you speak of this urgently? Introduce yourself."

" My name is Tihantus and I come to speak about the Darko invasion."

" So Tihantus, what is it that you want to speak about?"

" It would be an honour to fight by your side on the battlefield."

" You would like to join my legion for the invasion of the Darko empire? Hmm... I'll need time to think about it."

" Then I shall leave you to consider."

" Yes you may leave now."

After Tihantus had left Krantar fell into a deep thought. Then having accidentally fallen asleep and dreamt of a golden eagle soaring past golden clouds and hunting down a dragon. Krantar had not a single sense of doubt that this golden eagle was a replica of Tihantus. So the next day Krantar had ordered his security guards to summon Tihantus. By noon Tihantus was found and and was soon brought in front of Krantar. Krantar then majestically to assign Tihantus as the commandant of the legionnaires. Then Krantar cleared his ministers to have a talk with Tihantus. When the ministers had left the room Tihantus asked Krantar.

" What is it that you have accepted me this quickly Lord Krantar?"

" I had a dream."

" What was it Lord Krantar?"

" It was about a golden eagle soaring past golden clouds and hunting down a dragon."

" Then you presume the golden eagle was..."

" Yes you Tihantus."

" Then the dragon would be..."

" The Darko empire; yes of course."

" We will now build a invulnerable legionnaires for the conquest of the Darko empire!" 


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