A few weeks. Five boys and a very lucky girl ...


3. Louis

Louis P.O.V.  Me , Liam , Zayn , Harry ad Niall piled out the car dying under the weight of our suitcases. Could you blame us ? We're staying for the summer !!!! Excited , we ran up to the door and loudly banged it and stood impatiently waiting for a few seconds. Suddenly the door flung open and Jamie was standing there we all dived in for a hug and just as I got mine the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen came floating down the stairs.  "Guys this is Lindsay. She's my baby sis." Jamie smiled as she came up beside him.  "Since when did 17 count as a baby ?" she questioned. She had the voice of an angel. Suddenly our eyes met and she smiled.  " Hi !" she said to everyone. " Sorry Jamie's so rude, come in."  She stepped aside and led us in.  " Okay so we only have three bedrooms so ... Harry , Niall and Zayn you can stay in the games room. Liam you can sleep in Jamie's room and Louis your left with me." She came closer to me and smiled.  " Anyone up for the beach ?" asked Harry who was obviously desperate to show off his body.  " Sure but first you have to put your luggage away." Lindsay said. Hurridly we ran up the stairs then zoomed of in different directions.  Lindsay's P.O.V.  I slowly paced along the corridor to my room until we came to a holt outside my door. I turned the handle  and casually wandered in like usual and he stood in the doorway gazing round.  " You can come in you know. I don't bite." I tried to sound as cool as I could but I was so nervous. He laughed and wandered in.  " Where should I put these ?" he questioned and I put them on the couch.  I raded my drawers for a bikini and settled on this : http://weheartit.com/entry/10266107 . As I turned away to change he began gazing at my wide- eyed.  " You should probarly change too." I eagerly laughed but I just wanted to see him topless.  " Right !" he laughed still looking at me.  " Take a picture it'll last longer!" I  giggled as I posed in front of the mirror much to his amusement. He blushed.  " Aww ! Did I make lou blush ?" I laughed trying not to sound to mean.  He laughed. " Tig your it!" He demanded as he gently tapped my shoulder.  I chased him round the room giggling like a little girl until I tripped him up.  We were in hysterics for at least 5minutes before I offered him a hand to get up. He reached for it and pulled me down on top of him. Our eyes met and I got lost in his eyes. The door swung open and Jamie shoved his head round. We jumped up simultainiously giggling.  "Here five minutes and already under my sister. Come one we're leaving."  " Wooooooooooooo  !" I hear Harry scream from downstairs.  I fell in a fit of giggles before running through the house and out the backdoor to the beach !!!  

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