Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


7. weird ...........

As i was about to drift into dreamland, there was a knock on my door and someone entered even before i could answer. "you aren't sleeping are you ? " , this was Hamza's voice (sorry i forgot to tell thats my younger brother, only an year younger precisely)

"okay why are you in my room Hamza and what do you want? " i questioned him knowing the amount of goodwill he has for me , which ironically is little.

"I know what you are upto , and would not mind sharing it with mum n dad " , my heart started pounding faster as i pushed my covers and sat up in bed.His grey eyes staring right into mine , i could almost see through the darkness of my room that he had a smirk on his face and a devious plan taking shape in his head.

"What do you know? and what are you talking about anyway? " i replied trying to sound as calm as possible, but , he could read me right through after all he was my brother , and i hated this fact of my life.

"you are dating some one that too some weirdo punjabi guy aren't you?" my heart was by now in my mouth.I couldn't believe my ears. and how dare he call him a weirdo?

"okay i know you won't tell mom , just tell me your price ! " yes my brother was a pain and i had to buy him in to keep my secrets all the time.Like this one time i went partying with friends he some how managed to find out and had pictures of me dancing away ;that too when i had told mum i had some extra classes to attend.In exchange of the pictures i had too do all his homework for a freaking month .

"fine" i rolled my eyes wondering what this was going to be this time,when to  my amazement he said "nothing , i just don't want to see you get hurt be careful" My jaw dropped as i stared in amazement at him blankly, was he high ? or had he hit his head hard that he didn't want my pocket money or make me do his school projects or any other favours at all ?

"good night sister ,... take care " he left my room with these unexpected words of salutation which even i could not believe.  

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