Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


6. Take me away........

It's been two weeks since we met, we have been going around the city, Delhi is a big place with more than a thousand getaways , all you need is the right person to get away with.

We were at PVR saket watching the Ranbir kapoor and Nargis Fakhri starer Rockstar (It was a first day first show )

As the story line rolled and everything got intense we sat together hand in hand , my head resting on his shoulder,and his left arm around my waist.At this moment, Heer the character played by Nargis of a kashmiri girl was getting married to some guy that her parents had chosen for her when she finally realized she loved Jordan(played by Ranbir) and it was too late . As she gave him one last hug before leaving, i felt a rumbling in my stomach.My head started spinning with thoughts and future aspects, 'Was my life going to be the same?', after all Akarsh Kapur (his full name) was a punjabi , And i being Samaira siddiqui there was no way our respectfully proud and conservative parents would agree ,was I falling for him for real ? and at this point i could not think of letting go of him ,he made me feel special and let me be me, without any restrictions like my folks back home did.With him i could be free with a sense of security. I turned to look at him his eyes were towards the screen , the reflection falling on his face , i stuttered " Akarsh, I ......... I ... think i need to tell you something'. His face turned tense in the anticipation of what I might say.


Akarsh's p.o.v.

As i sat frozen with anxiety tense thoughts running in my head , i did not know what to expect.What if she wished to end that something of a relationship which we had not even started ? I didn't know what she had on her mind.But as she spoke, parting her cute lips , i could bet she looked better than even the lead actress of whatever movie we had been watching (she made me forget everything when around)

"I think i like you , as in like like you , you know what i mea..." I knew exactly what she meant, she felt the same way about me as i did for her.

Before she could further say a word , i pulled her closer with my right arm that had till now been resting one the arm rest ,the other one firm on her waist still, and pressed her lips to mine , the sweet scent of raspberry gloss and the touch of her soft lips,almost sent me into a different dimension, it felt like fireworks were shooting all around us,as if it were some Diwali night (although outside it was broad day light and the festival had gone by already).

Me too ' was all i said in a low whisper in her ears as she stared into my eyes completely dazed by what i just did(as she later told me that this was her first kiss)

we both lost track of people around us or the time , the movie had ended though we had no idea what the story was after all our story had now begun and it was way more important to both of us,it was time to leave  . We got up with a smile plastered on both our faces that no one could take away.It was a big day , we both had proposed even though none of us got to complete there line i guess that made it even more special or unique or whatever you may call it.

Time and tide change without warning , what seems a bliss at one moment may turn into something of excruciating pain the next.


"Samaira , your college hours are becoming quite erratic these days, don't the teachers set schedules for there lecture? your prayer time has also been affected " Ammi asked from the kitchen as she saw me walk in through the doorway.

'we have an interdisciplinary inter college festival coming up mum, teachers are busy hence classes are being taken at odd times whenever the professors are free' i widened my eyes as i said these words ,for the impact you see, 'and you know what mum, we students are kept so busy with all the preparations ,we some times have to miss break too' I made a sad face to make her feel sorry for me and she bought in. "go freshen up and i'll get you something to eat , my dear child always working so hard" I ran up to my room unable to hide my smile , i could swear by the evening stars visible from my window that even the heavens were smiling at me.As i changed into a comfortable salwar kameez, whilst thinking about the day that i had today, and what had happened ,the lyrics of Taylor Swift's song fairytale played in my head.

today was a fairytale,you were the prince

i was a damsell in distress

you told me i was pretty when i looked like a mess

today was a fairytale

time slowsdown whenever your around..........


Not just the time but for me the entire universe slowed down when we were together. With thoughts of this afternoon running fresh in my mind i went down satirs where mum was already waiting for me at the dinner table with yummy fresh food ,she is the best cook in the world ."my baby , getting thinner day by day ,working so hard " she said stroking my hair gently as i ate.It kinda gave me a guilty feeling from within at that moment, how caring she was and how easily i was using this quality of hers to lie to her in her face, but hey all is fair in love and war right? "in our days thnigs were a lot more simpler , and you need not worry to much either as it is we don't need you to work Hamza is there to handle family business and we shall find a nice boy for you" Oh crap here we go again , granny could never stop talkin could she? and all she would ever utter was stuff i did not wish to even listen.I didn't even had to, finishing my food i took leave for an early slumber ,convincing mum that i had been working for some fest at college and needed rest.





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