Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


10. Present Day

It's been almost six months and Samaira and Akarsh have been going strong in their relationship. akarsh has met some of Samaira's closest of friends like Kirti and Shaista while Samaira is now known to the entire gang as Aki's girl(to which she always turns crimson with blush)

It's winter breaks time in DU so Sammy can't have much of outings except for occasional shopping sprees with mommy.She misses her love bunny but can only text or call occasionally when no one is around.

It's a calm late evening in the Siddique household

Mom is busy serving dessert while dad and Hamza sit by the room heater and go about some chit chat. Samaira is busy texting Akarsh sitting on the far end of the sofa curled up in Dadi's cozy blanket which she has had since she was a six year old toddler.

"Sammy honey would you come to the kitchen for a moment"

"Yes mommy, on it" Sammy said and continued typing in her phone.

"Sammy did'nt you hear your mom?" Dad repremands.

"Haanji ,papa " She replies like a meek child and obliges.


Three texts beeps on her cell. And Dad stares at her phone curiously.

"Hamza can you go fetch your sister's phone to me ?"

What seemed like a question was more of an order to Hamza, who tried his best to distract his father with vague mentions of how well he played football this afternoon.

*Baby i miss you too , sooooo much *

*Babe whats wrong??? is some one around?*

*Babe is everything okay? Honey m worrid*

Were the texts that Mr.Siddique read on his daughter's cellphone

He went through the entire phone history and what he discovered (Although a simple fact that his little girl was in love) outraged him beyond anything.

"SAMAIRA SIDDIQUE" he yelled and called out to his daughter whilst marching towards the kitchen himself.

"Look what your lovely daughter is doing behind your back, while you go on pampering her......." he gave the phone to her mother and walked out fearing he might cross the limits in anger.

What followed (Usual melodrama that you may see in any orthodox Indian family where a love affair is regarded as a great sin) , her mother accused her of blasphemy and disregard towards family pride.

Not to forget the harsh blow on her face by her loving mother who had always doted on her with boundless love.She was broken, her parents were upset because of her.

The only bright thought she now had was of Akarsh whose love kept her heart warm even after the bitter cold treatment of her parents.


Love is the best of medicines and the worst of pain known to mankind.

If only she knew what lay in store for her ahead.

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