Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


1. IF only !

Laying in my bed with teardrops sliding down ma cheeks that burn red partly due to the impact of mum's hard blow on my face and partly due to the embarrassment i feel on having  her and dad's trust on me broken.

I feel so frustrated at myself for how in the world could have i been so dumb ? I really wish i could go back in time just 2 hrs if god could spare me for once , i would have gone back in time and deleted his messages , all the cute ones which i would seldom read while missing him , hell with that my life has messed up and there's nothing i can possibly do to change it.

my cellphone has also been taken away by daddy dearest in case" my sweetypie calls or texts again " in his words .

Why is life sooooooo damn unfair ?? that too only to me ?

"you ain't going to college from now on ! " my dad had yelled after having gone through my text messages

"its better if we marry you off to some nice guy as soon as possible " hell no!!! mum how could have you said that ?

and to top it all they feel ive betrayed them and do not want to trust me any more ,

my life realy is messed up and the only thought bugging me is "if only i had deleted all his texts and kept no proof on me i surely wouldnt have been in this mess"

With these angry cum sad thoughts and fear of what lays in store for me tomorrow i drifted into the other world of dreams as my life itself was turning into one big bad nightmare which didnt seem to be coming to an end.


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