Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


2. first time

Having started off with my college life and getting used to it ,there was one thing which always bugged me the loneliness of being away from my freinds from school.Specially today as i see tanya and her group which reminds me of my school time group.

Not that i was a social butterfly with people swarming around me back in school but i wasnt as much of a loner as i had now become in this strange new place which is regarded with the highest of respect by my peers for being the best of institutes in the country. Its pretty much like my school only (convent that was ) filled with girls all around and there faces usually covered with make up and bodies with clothes that barely manage to cover them (no offenses though).

And you must have guessed by now that i was more of a proper dresser thanks to my parents and their ideals of proper upbringing of the girl child due to our religion.Born in a muslim family, and living with my parents and grandparents and almost a dozen of other relatives and cousins i was meant to be meek and proper in manners and had to fully cover my self when moving out of the household premises.

I never really regarded it as much of a burden back as a kid since everyone around me whether at home or in school was more or less of the similar background. But here in college i do feel weird as almost evrybody is free to move the way they like and are wearing "oh my god ! something that could give my granny a serious heart attack if she saw me wearing it !

anyways back to the story , it was today that while i was strolling about with Mia ,vienaand meesha my two really close friends at college when i recieved a message from an unknown number.

"Can I please have a word with you your Kiara's school friend Samaira right ? I am a friend of hers from college and need your help to give her a surprise birthday " was the message body.

Tired of my hectic schedule I really didn't feel like calling back whoever it was on the other end and also was i getting late for my evening prayers and needed to rush home ASAP

later in the evening feeling dizzy and unwell i retired to my bed earlier than usual . I had started going into slumber when my cellphone ringed , thinking of it to be Shaista my best friend from school (and now college mate too) i picked up the call absent mindedly and said "don't worry Shai! I am not gonna die .... its just _ _ " I had'nt finished what i had meant to say when a deep husky voice from the other end interrupted my thoughts and said "sorry but its not Shai . . . . Hi  Aakarsh this side "

And here i go , literally having made myself sound like a jabbering nuthead I thought but then managed to speak up a simple "hello" later I inquired who he was and from had he found my number ?  (You see it keeps on happening in a place like Delhi that people find your number from somewhere and become a pain in you know where). ....... . So he told me he was the same guy who had earlier texted me and then gave info on  what exactly he had in mind for Kiara.

Being tired and sleepy as I was that day he did the talking  all through our conversation ,he went on about how considerate he was for Kiara as she was missing her school friends and how he wished to cheer her up by surprising her with a party full of school buddies of her's.

and while he went on i simply chose to give in "hmm.......... " to let him know he had audience and also to ensure him that I was interested in helping.This is how are first conversation went, the time when i had know idea how he was gonna change my life forever.<Sigh>




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