Life for samaira was simple and one of oblivion , raised in an orthodox family and sent to a convent school ,love and boys were beyond her life even in imagination but things took a total turn when kiara , her childhood best friend introduced her to aakarsh.
From being scared of the feeling to daring till death samaira changed a lot ........challenging her parents orthodoxy and societies hypocrisy .
A simple reunion cum birthday party changed her life forever ..... But was her risk worth it ? read on to find out more...........


3. a new beginning

As the rays of the morning sun peered through my window and kissed my face i figured i had woken up a little earlier than usual wich is so not me . Checking my cell for time it was 6 in the morning (i usually rise around 6:30 ) looking for my cellphone in the covers i was reminded of last night and the deep husky voice which had so much of politeness .

It dawned on me for how rude i must have sounded though i never really meant to,so i quickly typed a message for him "hey gud mrng :) sorry for last nite i mustve sounded rude , i didnt wanted to its just that i was unwel sori again"

And then i went on with my usual routine of getting ready for college , doing my prayers to the almighty lord as my parents expect me to (god is everywhere right? then why go on yapping i don't get it)

I was about to leave as i recieved another text from by now you know whom

"its perfectly fine and i really didnt mind you plz take care and get well soon :) "

ohk he just means to be considerate and modest right ? maybe ...yeah..... i'm always right so lets go ,lots of work to do at college today.

Stepping into the campus gate , the fresh morning breeze fluttering through my hair i stand puzzled where to go (i dont carry my time table usually and have some or the other of my friends telling me where to go )

Maya another of my classmate sat with me and we went about discussing what to do after classes are over . It was our thing that miya (maya that is i used to call her this way) was a good friend and we would often sneak away bunking classes to have fun going places.

And midway through the third lecture i recieved a text from akarsh "hey how u doin now? i hope ur feelin beeter :) "

Okay so this is also mere sweetness right? or maybe it isnt ? a debate in my head sparked off when miya poked my arm " Hey sleepy head where are you lost today? "

" Ummm....... nothing nowhere i mean uh ....... forget it .......i was just wondering about the last time we went to ferosha remember ? " I smiled at her and assured i was thinking of nothing important , she smiled and turned back to her notebook . That was the best part about her , she was easy to convince .

Maya's P.O.V.

Today sammy seemed quite lost as if in some sort of mental debate like she often  gets into ,(issues like attending a lecture also gets her thinking like anything sometimes), but when i asked she simply said no. Maybe i am just worrying too much and she is fine, as it is why should she hide anything. In the recess time today she was almost glued to her cell and when i playfully snatched it ,it kinda made her angry as i could see her cheeks which are normally almost white,  turning rouge , must be something.

Seems like a new beginning for Sammy's life.  

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