One Man's Nightmare is Another Man's Dream

Have you ever heard the expression ' One man's trash is another man's treasure'? In this story I illustrate the unusual surprise that brings one family the salvation they need. But, it is something most would consider a nightmare...


4. Almost, but not quite hopeless

The average British family is poor to an extent. Not poor in the way of a starving African child withering to bones.  They are poor in the sense they are bound to the mercy of the banks and the government. Caged by their naïve actions of trusting the contracts of their loans and insurance. To the foreign eye the once great nation seems afloat when in actuality every citizen is enslaved by the whole economic system. In silence they all drown for speaking about such tender, intimate situations such as money would defy the British manners of being prim and proper.


Days drifted by in a black shadow, ostracizing the Lakens form the society they would miss. Mr and Mrs Laken lay in bed weeping over the fall to come; a great instantaneous plummet from the upper-middle class to the absent class, lower status than the people they once despised. Ready to accept fate and leave, the Lakens looked at their house for what they thought was the last time. Mr Laken gazed into each room and recalled all the memories that had taken place there. Finally he made his way to the front door where he found a crisp envelope with the logo of the Supreme Court on the left hand side.


“Nicole! Nicole”” Mr Laken screamed out with tears streaming rapidly down his face.

“We have to go; they’ll be here soon to take the house.” Mrs Laken begrudgingly informed.


“No, they cannot. My dear we have been saved not by the God society pressures us to believe in, or by the government we mistakenly voted for but by pure timing!” Mr Laken rejoiced.


“Whatever do you mean?” Mrs Laken muttered in a disgruntled voice.

“I mean the bankruptcy has been finalised!” Mr Laken stated waving a letter in the air.

 A few hours later yobs hired by the government came to take all the Laken’s possessions and house. Barging in the door without a knock they entered. Mr Laken then showed them the letter of bankruptcy with a great smug attitude.  You see, with the bankruptcy finalised the Laken’s debt was cleared and so the government had no rights to the house. For some a bankruptcy would have bought a dismaying mortification, but for the Lakens it brought a very special day indeed.


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