One Man's Nightmare is Another Man's Dream

Have you ever heard the expression ' One man's trash is another man's treasure'? In this story I illustrate the unusual surprise that brings one family the salvation they need. But, it is something most would consider a nightmare...


2. A glimmer of hope enters and exits

After a year of defiance the whole Laken household dilapidated. Mr Laken had lost his job with only a bad reference as a souvenir, Mr Laken was ready to leave the entire world behind whilst John and Jenny Laken were stuck in a frustrated abyss of ignorance to the situation.


Bankruptcy is usually a term accompanied by a negative atmosphere, though in this case a bankruptcy is the perfect solution. All debt cleared in the exchange for having denied access to loans or new bank accounts. With an epiphany the Lakens applied for bankruptcy; their last hope or boat out of raging waters. From the court hearing it could take up to a year to go through.


Each day seemed oiled; it ran with ease knowing the whole ordeal would be over in a year at most. Mr and Mrs Laken began to open their eyes and acknowledge the cumulatively extravagant things in life. Such as the simple chirping of the birds they had missed every morning from late nights of arguing, or the sprouting of the daffodils they had missed from being cooped up in their tears.


All was flowing well until two months later when a notice of eviction arrived. The government still had the rights to repossess the house until the bankruptcy officially cleared. At the words eviction reality kicked in and the Laken’s eyes began to close again. Having had all their relatives die the year before, having had nothing but debt the Lakens were just a month away from being completely homeless. In actual fact only Mr and Mrs Laken would be forced to reside in the streets, John and Jenny would be forcibly taken to social services to live in foster care.


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