The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


3. World in crisis


The men had to work all day all night to proceed only a few meters. No one could dig far into Rertio. The reason for that is because Rertio is made with Cytoberium. Cytoberium is the most secure mineral in the whole universe spawned in only Rertio. The brainwashed men worked hard to dig the Cytoberium. As the men sweated some started to faint some even lost their lives. The work got more severe over time as they drilled deeper into the core of Rertio. Some of the men started to complain but the metallic mastermind did not hear their voice and eliminated all those who did not obey him. They had to continue this hard labour for 3 years relentless and finally the mastermind ordered a halt to all workers. He had finally found the object of doom, the Reriti. After seeing the glistening beam of the Reriti the mastermind vaporised the Cytoberium around it in a flash and slowly picked up the Reriti and declared,

“Now the universe is mine!”

The ruthless mastermind eliminated every single man on Rertio that he had slaved for 3 years without any pity. After he just entered his headquarters and flew to NHA241. 

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