The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


5. The start of a mass scale massacre


We now had men and weapons to take down the mastermind and his cyber fighting mechanism. We decided that first we needed to take down the mechanism and the way to completely obliterate the cyber mechanism was to demolish the Photon that was radiating the Reriti to detonate the cyber fighting mechanism. One of our shape shifters morphed into a cyber guard to infiltrate the mastermind’s cyber lab. As our cyber guard proceeded towards the cyber lab a sudden ray of atomic energy hit his back. As he got up to turn around and identify who shot him the cyber guard was astonished to turn around. It was the mastermind himself holding an enormous plasma rifle, he had dispatched a squad of spies to scout our every single move and it turns out that we had one of the spies amongst us. After getting impact from the deadly beam the shape shifter could not stand on his feet to face the mastermind. Before the shape shifter could figure out how the mastermind knew he was a shape shifter the cyber mechanism debarked from his mission to conquering more planets and the cyber mechanism finished our shape shifter off. After the mastermind had ordered the spy amongst us to spread fake rumours. So the spy had morphed into the shape shifter we sent and told us that he had successfully invaded the photon and demolished it. However the spy had assassinated our leader and escaped our defences to the mastermind. When we had the news we were stunned that the spy had been with us the whole time and it didn’t take a minute to figure out that our plan to destroy the mechanism failed. Tiberius became our new leader by default because he was the commander of the alpha which is the best fighting squad that we had and a lot of people admired him so we decided he was the fit person to take the lead. Tiberius however had a short temper and he was not the most strategic type. Tiberius had ordered a full assault from the front to us and his alpha squad. Some of the squad leaders refused to follow but Tiberius put them in jail. Then everyone decided that Tiberius was right and obeyed him. So we took out all our high technology weapons and battle armours. Then we called the hovercrafts and got geared up for the big war that was going to come. 

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