The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


6. The downfall of the empire


As we closed on NHA241 Tiberius ordered the hovercrafts to stop outside the defence tower range. Then after he ordered our true shot plasma snipers to take down the defence guards. So they did. The cyber guards on the defence towers had no idea from where the deadly plasma beam was coming from. So the defence towers collapsed in an incredible speed. The border defence was down and we managed to land in NHA241 safely without any casualties. As soon as we landed the defences raised an alarm and cyber guards came to destroy us. However Tiberius swung his battle axe and sliced all the cyber guards. However some of us had stepped on the landmines they set and were blew to pieces. We hacked, slashed and shot the endless waves of the cyber guards. After we had slashed 1000 cyber guards everyone was fatigued and could not swing anymore. Tiberius continued to hack his way through the infinite cyber guards. When Tiberius hacked 3000 cyber guards down Emile somehow managed to see a gap between the cyber guards and the mastermind. Seeing this gap Emile got his plasma pistol out and shot a plasma beam that hit the mastermind. Although Emile hit the mastermind wasn’t affected and he shot his plasma rifle beam back to Emile and the plasma beam penetrated Emile’s chest and he fell to the ground. Then Ray saw another opening but this time to the photon of the Reriti. Ray was the ace of the true shot snipers and without doubt he knocked the Reriti down of the machine. With the Reriti on the floor the cyber mechanism fell down to junk. Seeing this Tiberius hacked the mechanism and the mechanism fell to pieces. Then Tiberius managed to infiltrate into the mastermind’s power chamber. Tiberius started to hack every machine to find the power source. He was hacking the machines like a boar charging down the mountain. Finally with his giant battle axe he found the power source and demolished it. Meanwhile at the outside of the power chamber everyone could witness that the mastermind was falling to pieces and seeing this Ray again shot the mastermind with high accuracy and demolished him. The mastermind started to ignite and blew up. Tiberius took every core of the planet and the scientists created new planets with them. However after everyone left the parts of the mastermind came together and formed the shape of what the mastermind was like. But the mastermind could not insert the fighting chip so he took that from the cyber fighting mechanism so the mastermind had returned as a more fierce and powerful state. The mastermind, after returning as a fighting mechanism made his cyber army and stated

“I will destroy all other pitiful races and have dominance over the universe!”

Then he soared upwards with his army to obliterate some planets.

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