The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


4. The change of the planet of peace


NHA241 was not a green and peaceful planet anymore the mastermind had changed it to be militarised. The trees that used to surround NHA241 were now military bases and barracks. The aerial mountains and hills that defended natural disasters were now defence towers which stood there to fend off their enemies. The metallic mastermind set foot in his main scientific and robotic lab. As the mastermind entered the cyber guards made way for the mastermind to walk up to the Reriti gadget. The Reriti gadget went into function after the mastermind inserted the Reriti. The Reriti came out as a destructive Cyber fighting mechanism. The first thing the metallic mastermind ordered the destructive Cyber fighting mechanism was to start conquering the universe. The Cyber fighting mechanism jet over to the closest planet and it completely annihilated the planet leaving nothing, except for the core of the planet; it seemed to be unstoppable and much more ruthless than the mastermind. It destroyed every single planet except Earth since the mastermind had ordered to leave Earth to conquer it himself. So the fighting mechanism returned to NHA241 to report on the planets he destroyed. Then the mastermind stored the cores of the planet in his power chamber. This power chamber was where the mastermind got all his powers from, without this chamber the mastermind would be just another junky robot. A few people knew this weakness already but did not dare to infiltrate into NHA241’s tight and secure defence. A few years after the mastermind had obtained the Reriti a few men working for the mastermind came back to Earth. Some had survived even though the mastermind ordered hard labour and after demolished Rertio. However it was only a few, only 30men had come back alive. We cloned each man 300times and in Earth, we now had 9000 men. So we constructed a barrack to train these men and the weapons we got from the scientists using the information we had in our computers. 

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