The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


2. The beginning of the genius


The metallic mastermind took all of the men into his iron spacecraft and drove away to planet Rertio. In planet Rertio he again did what he did to our planet. But this time it was worse, he dropped a nuclear smoke bomb which completely abolished the planet’s habitat and the smoke suffocated all living beings same as what our animals were like. After completely demolishing the planet the mastermind got all the men to dig the ground of Rertio. Now the men noticed what the evil plot was. The mastermind wanted the men to retrieve the Reriti. Before the mastermind came in reign his planet named NHA241 was a very peaceful planet. Then came the invaders, planet Rertio invaded the NHA241 to abduct the Reriti. The Reriti is a gem that if used dangerously it can destroy the whole universe conversely if used well it can create another universe. The Rerticians took this gem to use it to dominate the whole universe but no one in planet Rertio knew how to activate this gem so it was left deep under the planet’s crust. However when the mastermind came into throne of the NHA241 the whole planet changed. NHA241 started to do things they never did before and with the dominance of the mastermind everything changed. NHA241 started to amplify their cyber robotic army and hone their battle skills. They also started to make lethal mechanics and radioactive bombs. After all this process the mastermind declared war on the universe in wish to take over the universe and gain ultimate dominance. He and his cyber army annihilated all living beings in which ever planet they invaded. The mastermind became a replica of hatred and death. The mastermind came to Earth after exterminating over 100 planets. The reason that the mastermind was going to planet Rertio was to regain the Reriti and to revenge. When the men knew what the mastermind was planning they immediately rebelled against him. However with just a pickaxe and a grappling hook they were no match for the forceful mastermind and his cyber army. The mastermind brainwashed all of the men to follow his order. Having been brainwashed the men started their work.

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