The Obliteration of the mastermind

The world is in crisis due to the appearance of the genius mastermind with his powerful cyber army.


1. Ruins of earth and the appearance of the mastermind


2060AD, the beautiful planet Earth is in ruins. Planet Earth which was once thought to be the ideal planet for living organisms is now just a polluted planet taken over by robots. These robots have demolished everything. Not a single sapling or hope remains for humans in this once beautiful planet. As more and more robots are created the less hope there are for humans to take Earth back and have their old life. Before the robot era humans had this entire planet to themselves and other living organisms. But it all changed when the metallic mastermind came in with his devastating indestructible cyber army. The mastermind changed everything for me, my family and other humans. The first thing that the mastermind annihilated was our green forests. He completely obliterated our green forests with one incredibly hazardous laser beam. The colossal laser beam completely wrecked all our trees and planet. The planet, without any trees providing oxygen for any living organism to breathe and live on, without a single warning just dried up. The rivers were evaporating; the vast land was cleaved open like a big earthquake splitting it, all living organisms except for humans choked and all started to perish from the Earth. Luckily for humans our scientists have managed to invent gas masks that can provide us with all the oxygen we needed. The next thing that the foul metallic mastermind did was to take our entire planet’s fit and athletic man. There were even some sacrifices in my family; my father, my two brothers and my cousin were taken by the mastermind. No one could figure out what the metallic mastermind had plotted to do with 4billion men. After the mastermind took all our men we were only left with the sick, the poor, the elderly, little children and women to revive our beautiful planet. It was going to take us another millennium or two to revive our Earth. However the metallic mastermind did not even allow us to start our process of reviving our planet into becoming what our grandparents had in 2035AD. The heartless mastermind exiled us into the vast sandy, useless and abandoned land in which it was used to be called deserts in 2012AD. The mastermind only gave us enough for shelter, food and water. After kidnapping all the men and exiling us the mastermind finally went away into his own headquarters. The headquarters of the mastermind were silvery and gargantuan. All the men had come here for to be used as slaves but no one knew what.

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