The Unfortuante Life of an Orange

We live with millions of different objects around us everyday. But have you ever thought, if they could speak, what would they say. This is a short tale of a week in the life of an Orange.


1. A week in the life of an Orange

The life of an orange is one of a superfluous nature. To an orange, its purpose is to be a hasty refreshment to the beasts of mankind, nothing more; and nothing less. Even for its sole purpose it finds itself among a series of options, a being with many alternatives to take its place. Such as a clementine or a tangerine, which would easily satisfy the needs of the consumer.


To describe the week of an orange’s life one must delve into the ignored bleakness of events. Oranges are creatures only consumed by the middle and upper classes of the human society. The residents of these classes often waste food, as if its production was infinite. A mere blemish or bruise would disgust consumers, to a point of trashing the fruit.


The orange’s prime begins on the day of purchase. In all glory the orange is wheeled out in a trolley, among other purchases, to the home of the buyer. In this house the orange will last no more than a week. During this week the orange spends hour upon hour waiting in a basket. From here, the orange will begin to lose moisture in its every cell, each vacuole will shrink, then the membranes will begin to tear. To a human eye this events looks like the orange is sagging in all possible places. To the orange this is an event equivalent to death.  By the seventh day the orange has lost all its lust and aesthetic appease. Now all that can be anticipated is an invasion of mold. A week having passed, our orange is decomposing; another cruel hardship of nature has been carried out in an iniquitous manner.




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