For he was Bagytr

Lots of stories have been written from the point of view of deserted islanders. But how does the presence of human affect the animals? This is a story of a brave boar who defends his island in the place of his deceased father.


2. The story of Father

When I finally arrived home I began telling my dear mother of the scene I had just witnessed. She had a stern, pale face as my story unwound, yet she said nothing until I had not a single thought left to say. This was when she shared her wise words with me. “Bagytr, do you know why it is that I named you with this name?” she enquired with a certain softness in her voice. “But Mama, the humans! You always spoke of their devilish ways, what should we do?” I squealed. She smiled to herself as a tear slowly rolled down her scarred cheek. “Years ago, when I was but a young boar I met your father. He was a large pig with the biggest tusks I have ever seen.” she began, not listening to her I foolishly interrupted he crying out, “The humans! The humans! Mama, the humans. I am scared, tell me what we should do, Mama!” Once again she smiled to herself and touched my cheek with hers, and then she hushed me. “Dear child, dear Bagytr listen with a clear head, think of nothing but what I am about to say. Where was I? Ah, yes. He had the mightiest tusks my eyes have ever seen; he stood so proud, so erect with a magnificent posture. We soon grew a love so indescribable it was almost magic.” the old boar sighed then sat, as did her son, who was now listening intently. “So with this love grew a child in my womb, a little piglet waiting to enter this world, this very island in fact. Your father built me a warm bed of straw, leaves and other such elements, where he said I was to stay until the birth. Meanwhile, he brought me nutritious meals that I alone would never have been able to catch. He guarded me; he was my protector, a warrior through and through. Then the humans came…They created chaos among the animals. For they camped near the lake now one would dare go for a drink, and by the lake was the main berries of the island and the big nut trees. The humans devoured every edible thing as if they were the last shreds of foods on earth. But, worst of all, by far the worst thing of all they killed. They killed birds, rabbit, squirrels and…boars” The last words echoed out of her mouth and startled Bagytr, in shock he rose and began wandering back and forth, until his mother spoke again. “Sit, please Bagytr. Yes, they slaughtered our species; yes, they ate from out family. For meat they seemed desperate to eat. Your father was most worried. I was about ready to give birth to my piglet so I could hardly move. Only a few yards from the lake, and only hidden by a few bushes we were quite vulnerable. They always missed us by a few footsteps, they couldn’t see past the shrubbery. However one awful day they saw us. Your father knew I was in desperate need for food; I had not eaten in days as he hadn’t much chance to go hunting since the humans arrived. That day he went hunting, (in fear I would start to weaken). He was gone for several hours, much longer than usual; all that time I was thinking is he safe? Is he alive? I knew I was, for before he left he covered me with a mound of straw and branches. My heart raced every second he was gone.


Finally he came into my sight, I saw him charging towards me from the distance. I was ready to embrace him, when a few feet away from me he was shot. The humans had seen him and stood ready with a contraption they called a gun. He bled from his back, whimpering with the pain, but bravely he charged at the humans, stabbing them with his mighty tusks, those tusks I once admired. They all shot as he charged, but he killed them, he killed them with his last push, and fell to the ground, never to stand up again…” Bagytr looked at his mother with tears rolling down his face ready to speak. His mother shook her head, raised form the ground and cried “You are your father’s son, you are Bagytr. I shall now answer my own question and say I called you Bagytr for it means great warrior. Do not cry over your father, merely step into his glory and mightiness, and never let a human harm a boar again.”  Bagytr nodded solemnly yet he trembled inside for he remembered how he acted so cowardly at just the sight of humans.

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